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Career Questions tagged Coroner

Navaeh’s Avatar
Navaeh Jan 31 108 views

Will I receive financial health benefits as a coroner?

Hi, I'm Navaeh I assume there will be benefits.

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Jan 11 269 views

For a coroner, how hard is it to get over seeing the dead bodies, or does it never get any easier?

I am looking into the coroner career and this is something I was worried about because it obviously would affect my performance.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Oct 26, 2020 377 views

Would being a coroner be good for some one who wants to be both a criminal investigator or detective and a surgeon at the same time?

Hello I am Ashley, I am in 9th grade and I am struggling to choose between a surgeon and a detective or investigator. I this performing autopsies would be great for me. Am i correct? #coroner #surgeon #detective

Keziah’s Avatar
Keziah Aug 30, 2018 430 views

What does a coroner usually do on a regular basis?

#coroner #medicine #medical-school

Norwalk’s Avatar
Norwalk May 22, 2018 471 views

What job in the medical field is mostly about bones and why is that job interesting?

#doctor #coroner #medicine #medical-professionals #medicine #career-interests

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 20, 2015 1217 views

What's the difference between these careers?

I've researched these jobs for a long while now but can't find what's different above them. What's the difference between a Medical Examiner, a Forensic Pathologist, and a coroner? What's the exact difference? Does one of them work with the FBI? Could you still have one of these jobs, but also...