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Career Questions tagged Medical Examiner

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Dec 10, 2020 496 views

What is a good second major to complete with Forensic Anthropology?

I plan on completing a BS in Anthropology, MS in Forensic Anthropology, and continuing on to complete a PhD in Anthropology at BU. What would be a good complementary second major for my undergrad degree to broaden my career choices? I would like to keep my options open in case I decide to...

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 730 views

To Become a Forensic Pathologist, do I Need to Have Lots of Medical Experience Beforehand?

I have been wanting to be a forensic pathologist ever since I entered the 6th grade. I understand that I need eight years of schooling and about 3-5 years doing residential work. However, does that mean work as a doctor for 3 to 5 years then finally become a forensic pathologist? That has...

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Oct 24, 2016 530 views

I am also thinking about becoming a medical examiner, would Biology work for that work as well?

This is another career path that I am thinking about #doctor #medical-examiner #biology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 27, 2016 585 views

How to find classes that help you learn more about your dream career?

There are so many classes to choose from I don't know which classes could help. I plan to be in pathology, performing autopsies. I don't know all the classes I need to take. #forensic #pathology #medical-examiner

Bhavan’s Avatar
Bhavan May 04, 2016 621 views

how can I score more marks in the Entrance examination for MBBS in Tamilnadu

I want to be doctor #medicine #medical-examiner

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 20, 2015 1149 views

What's the difference between these careers?

I've researched these jobs for a long while now but can't find what's different above them. What's the difference between a Medical Examiner, a Forensic Pathologist, and a coroner? What's the exact difference? Does one of them work with the FBI? Could you still have one of these jobs, but also...

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 08, 2015 3486 views

How many years of school are required to become a medical examiner?

some clarification, I would like to know the years of college, medical school, residence etc. #forensic #medical-examiner

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 08, 2015 2547 views

What classes are required for a medical examiner?

I am interested in fulfilling this career and want to get a head start on my classes. #doctor #forensic #crime-scene-investigator #medical-examiner