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What are the cons of becoming a computer and technology systems manager? To go along with that what are the pros?

I am a senior in high school #entry-level

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1 answer

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Jonan’s Answer

I'm not sure if you mean "manager" in the sense that you want to manage people or manage systems but I'll assume you're just generally interested in software or systems administration (now more popularly known as 'site reliability engineering').

The money. Tech careers pay well and they'll continue to pay well for a long time. We're about to double the number of people on the internet and we don't have enough tech people as it is.
Flexibility. You can take a tech career in so many directions, there are tech people in every industry and many who make their opportunities in consulting.
Growth. You're going to be learning your entire career by necessity and you'll certainly never be bored if you keep following your interests.

Overwork. It's easy to burn yourself out working long hours when every project is presented as urgent. Realize that there is rarely a time when it benefits a company to recommend you take your time with something and adjust accordingly. If you want to be in tech for the long haul you'll need to pace yourself.
Navigating. With so many options it can be difficult to settle on a path and make progress. Know that whatever technologies and languages you choose early in your career will change with time, and the skills you acquire will transfer easily. Don't spend too much time worrying about what to learn, just get started. Try to find something you enjoy for now and focus on leveling up to the best of your ability.

Hope that helps Armando, best of luck!