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Jennifer Smith, MS

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Nevate May 23, 2018 720 views

What is the best way to get acclimated to graduate school after working in the field?

#school #graduate-student #returning-student #psychology #graduate-school #college

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Lessa Jul 12, 2018 632 views

Is there a place in the college world for a mother of 4 children?

I have recently started taking classes with the hope of completing a bachelor's degree I began over a decade ago. I quit school when I met the man I am now married to and spent the last years of my life taking care of my 4 wonderful children. My youngest is starting school this year, so I...

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Samantha Aug 21, 2018 635 views

Studying in College

How does one effectively study in college but still maintain a string social life? #balance

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Mary Nov 12, 2020 537 views

What career is good for a person that is detailed oriented and leader?

I am 21 job seeker #entry-level

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Kira Nov 05, 2020 500 views

I just started to think about it

I'm a 10th grader in high school and I don't know what I want to do for a job. #job #high-school Some of my interest include working out, playing games, and cooking.

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seanmatthew Nov 05, 2020 392 views

what does it take to become successful

i love sports and it is my life in a way. #life