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Memphis, Tennessee
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After finishing my education I plan to become a graphic novelist , any location is fine , any company is fine . Does graphic novelists receive lots of money ? Am I making the the right choice for my career ?

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Ja'Taya Nov 13, 2020 485 views

Is there any jobs that would allow you to teach children to swim ?

I am in high school . I like to swim and I like teaching others how to swim . I am worried about the cost though . Would I have to go to college for this ? #swimming

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Ja'Taya Nov 13, 2020 503 views

What would be the best job to choose if you would like to travel the world ?

I am in high school . I would like to see the world . The only problem I might have is the cost . Is there a job that will allow you to travel for free and would still pay me to do my job ? #travel

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Ja'Taya Sep 04, 2020 1019 views

I am in the 10th grade and I am beginning to explore my future career , what are some careers I should consider based on my passions ?

I am in the 10th grade . I like drawing characters and making designs . I also like decorating . Although , I'm worried about the pay . Which drawing career pays the most?
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