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Maggie W.’s Avatar
Maggie W. Aug 24, 2018 301 views

What is the most challenging aspect to opening your own business?

I've graduated high school a year early and I am ready to make my dream come true. I've had a vision of a coffee shop that is truly unique compared to others I've seen. After my gap year, I plan on getting my associates in business, then proceeding to fulfill my dream. I have so many questions...

#business #businesswoman #gapyear #businessmanagement #coffeeshop

Maggie W.’s Avatar
Maggie W. Aug 24, 2018 331 views

What degree would educate one enough to open their own coffee shop up?

I'm aiming to get my associates degree and creating a plan to revise over the course of school so that once I complete my two years, I can follow my plan and open my coffee shop. Is an Associates degree enough to open my business or should I get a higher degree? #business #college #coffeeshop...

#associates #businesswoman #businessowner

sam H.’s Avatar
sam H. May 23, 2016 488 views

Do medical schools look largely at what school you went to for undergraduate studies?

I wish to be a doctor and would like to know if I should worry about the "national ranking" of the school....


Elysia R.’s Avatar
Elysia R. May 12, 2016 428 views

What factors/requirements are medical schools mainly looking for in the resumes and applications of prospective students?

I am thinking ahead about what my goals and priorities should be in undergrad in order to have a well-rounded application for when it's time to apply for medical schools. #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #hospitals #science...


Joshua M.’s Avatar
Joshua M. Jan 17, 2018 322 views

Do you have any resources for identifying different types of jobs after receiving a degree in finance

I will be attending a college in Michigan to obtain a degree in Finance, but I am not for certain what all type of jobs would be available in that field, other than financial services. I am curious to see what else I might be able to do with this degree. #finance #business #college...


Halli R.’s Avatar
Halli R. Mar 20, 2018 224 views

Should I stay in school and obtain my Master's Degree before entering the work force or get a job out of college and then go back once I have some experience?

I will be graduating with an Environmental Engineering Degree and wonder if it is better to finish my Master's or get a job and then go back to school....


Crystal W.’s Avatar
Crystal W. May 07, 2018 298 views

How to choose what area of specialty for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner?

I will be attending school in the fall for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The question I commonly keep getting asked is where I want to work with that degree. I find myself saying I don't know a lot and expressing that I hope it's like nursing school where I just kind of find out along the...

#healthcare #acute-care #nurse-practitioner #medicine #hospital-and-healthcare

Thomas P.’s Avatar
Thomas P. May 28, 2018 280 views

How difficult is it to transition from computer science at the undergraduate level to aerospace engineering at the Master's level?

I have been accepted into Master's programs in computer science / engineering. However, I sometimes question whether I want to pursue a career change. Has anyone made a transition from a computer science / engineering (or similar) background into an aerospace or mechanical engineering program?...

#tech #engineering #stem #math

Robin K.’s Avatar
Robin K. Apr 08, 2017 766 views

What do you do when you don't have the answer for an interview question?

Let's say you're in an interview, and they ask you if you have any experience in this field. Instead of saying just "no", how could you word it better? #job #interviews...


RaeAnna T.’s Avatar
RaeAnna T. Jan 23, 2017 487 views

How to best use a planner in college?

In college there are so many methods to planning out your semester. How should I record school homework, assignment, projects, personal life, social life, and exercise in an organized and simple fashion? #organization #career-planning #test-planning #personal-assistant...


Chase S.’s Avatar
Chase S. Jan 16, 2018 339 views
Mo J.’s Avatar
Mo J. Sep 05, 2018 104 views

Switch from Networking engineering to software engineering

I have been a network engineer for 7 years (graduated 2 years ago). I would like to switch to software engineer. What would be the recommendation. #switchtosoftware Thank...

Adriana G.’s Avatar
Adriana G. Jan 23, 2018 493 views

Going into the graphic design field, is it better to be an expert in one design area or be a beginner in all design areas?

Going into the graphic design industry, I want to better understand if I want to be hired if I should focus on one aspect of design to improve my skills or try all areas of design but not further improving past beginner stage. For companies hiring, who would they hire in this situation: the...

#graphic-design #graphic-designer

Madisyn O.’s Avatar
Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018 259 views

is there anyway to get scholarships for medical school

After my four years of undergrad I want to go into medical school but I know it will be expensive #medicine #scholarships #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor...

Destiny M.’s Avatar
Destiny M. Aug 21, 2016 622 views

When trying to diagnose a patient, what are the step taken to actually diagnose and give the right diagnosis of the patient?

I always feel like it's difficult for a physician to diagnose a patient, because, for me, I feel that there are many steps that must be taken to properly diagnose a patient and to give or recommend them for the proper treatment #doctor #medicine #nurse #pre-med #registered-nurses...


Madisyn O.’s Avatar
Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018 278 views
Adriana G.’s Avatar
Adriana G. Jan 23, 2018 316 views

How would you attract clients and continue to grow as a brand via social media?

Given the advancement of technology and various social media platforms, how I would go about attracting clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for my design brand? #social-media...


Harshith A.’s Avatar
Harshith A. Apr 02 211 views

how To finalize on college selection ?

Hi ... I got selected in UCLA for economics and university of Cincinnati for honors LHP program in business analytics with a presendential scholarship. Now I am confused if I should choose college where I don’t pay anything or a big college like LHP which would be a big loan for me ? On what...

#college #undecided

Robin K.’s Avatar
Robin K. Apr 08, 2017 451 views

What path in highschool would I take to become an ESL teacher?

I always saw teaching English as a second language to be really interesting, I've wanted to do it for as long as I can remember. Going to south korea or Japan to teach English would be amazing, but I know I would be alright with doing it in Canada too. I don't know what courses I would have to...


Madeline C.’s Avatar
Madeline C. Mar 14, 2018 287 views
Chase S.’s Avatar
Chase S. Mar 20, 2019 223 views

What are current job prospects like in technology?

This will help me think about what careers I might want to focus on. What are some of the areas where job prospects are strong? Are jobs more common in some areas? Where is demand for workers much higher than supply? Thank you! #technology #it [This question was updated by an admin for...

Casey J.’s Avatar
Casey J. Oct 20, 2019 118 views

what career path should I take

I am white I like sports and hanging with friends and church and stuff...


Audra M.’s Avatar
Audra M. Mar 15, 2018 295 views

What is the day of an architect like?

What aspects of work do architects spend most of their time on? #architecture #architect #day-in-the-life-of...


Savannah V.’s Avatar
Savannah V. Jun 15, 2019 101 views

Can I become a veterinarian then become a zoologist?

For the past year or 2 I have decided that I have wanted to become a veterinarian to animals such as dogs, cat, and farm animals. If I were to become that type of vet is it possible for me to become a zoologist after just to broaden my horizons??...


Austin S.’s Avatar
Austin S. Mar 13, 2019 321 views

What do you enjoy the most about your job that you have?

What task or part of your job and task is the best in your opinion?...


Chase S.’s Avatar
Chase S. Mar 20, 2019 213 views

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