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Career Questions tagged Moneymanagement

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jun 12 114 views

What are the best scholarship opportunities to pursue if i'm interested in studying abroad for a semester? #Spring23

I want to study abroad at least once in my college years. I think it would be very interesting to get immersed in another culture an out my view of the world into a new perspective! Unfortunately the means to make this happen is a little difficult and i'm curious if there is any scholarship...

Monick’s Avatar
Monick Mar 11, 2018 632 views

What advice would you give to a student moving away from home on budgeting skills?

#moneymanagement #budgeting

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Mar 09, 2018 488 views

What is the best strategy for getting out of debt?

In order to get a college education and maybe start my own business, I might have to take out loans. What is the most effective way to pay those debts off in a short amount of time?

#moneymanagement #advice