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What can I do to boost my self-confidence when facing the public

A girl from Hong Kong that needs inspiration and encouragement #public-relations

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5 answers

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Natasha’s Answer

Hi there,
As a person who loves public speaking - and yet still gets nervous when I'm being introduced - what I have come to learn is the following:
1. If you focus on the information you're delivering, your less likely to be nervous. We all tend to get nervous because we're worried about how we look, how we're coming off to the audience, what do people think ... when you focus on the information you're relaying and your excitement for the topic, it helps the self-consciousness disappear.
2. Practice the heck out of your talk and then practice some more. When you have the information down, then you can have a conversation and ad-lib rather than trying to deliver a speech verbatim like you're reading a book report. You can be more spontaneous.
3. Dress comfortably and wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. When you look good, you feel good. And, when you're comfortable, you don't have to get distracted by shoe pinching, or your shirt riding up, etc.
4. I learned this from entrepreneur Dan Lok, have your "game on" movement. Right before I prepare to speak, I snap my fingers. It's a mental "switch" that I turn on to signal to myself that I'm "on" now. Think of it like the song a boxer walks out to. It's meant to pump you up and tell your adrenaline, "game on." Sometimes I also listen to particular songs through my headphones before I hit the stage.
5. Remember that no one knows what you're going to say. So the only expectations you have to meet are your own. Yes, they're looking at you, but they're listening to you. Rock your content. Let the rest fall at the wayside.
6. Lastly, simply be yourself. People dig people who are authentic, unique, and most importantly, who make them feel good.

Natasha recommends the following next steps:

1. Practice engaging with a new person via an online social platform such as LinkedIn or OnMogul.
2. Jot down a few things that make you feel good: a favorite sweater, lipstick, a hair style. It's OK to have a signature go-to look that can give you a confidence boost, I used to work with a woman who only wore purple tops. It was her power color.
3. You can join a public speaking group: Toastmaster's is a popular public speaking group. You may benefit from a woman's group like Speaker Sisterhood (speakersisterhood.com).

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Daniel’s Answer

Karen -
You've submitted a number of thoughtful questions. I hope you get great answers.

As others have recommended, I'd also suggest Public Speaking through Toastmasters International.

Hong Kong has a number of Clubs. The environment is friendly and supporting. There are a lot of resources and materials in various languages, including Mandarin. There is a special set of modules specifically related to Public Relations. You can visit and experience a meeting before you join. You can network and be welcome at any Toastmasters International Club in the world.

You can find a Club here.

Please also check out this TED Talk from Amy Cuddy, “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are”. Amy talks about power poses, including the “Wonder Woman” pose. The transcript is in 51 different languages.

The more confident you act, the more confident you will actually become. It's worked for me as a shy Engineer. Good luck!

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Janice’s Answer

Take a public speaking course and recognize that most people are nervous when speaking to a group. The trick is to make believe you are speaking to one person - a friend- about a subject you are well versed in.

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Lauren’s Answer

Just remember that any flaws you may feel like you have are magnified in your own mind. Interactions you’ve had that you feel went badly probably went better than you think they did in your head. I’m sure you’re a wonderful, interesting person who has much to offer. Another way to build confidence is to speak on topics you are passionate and knowledgeable of. When you’re enjoying yourself, your enthusiasm will rub off on others.

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William’s Answer

Hey Karen! First and foremost, know you are an awesome individual who has a lot to bring to the world, sometimes we just need a bit of extra time figuring out what makes us unique! One of the biggest tools in working on that public self-confidence is spending time thinking about things you thoroughly enjoy then practicing talking about them. This helps because you get in the routine about talking about things that genuinely make you excited, beginning to associate that feeling with communicating. It may sound silly, but I promise it helps. Continue to search for opportunities to chat about things you like with people. When people see you calm and excited about things, it immediately boosts your credibility and likability. We as people love seeing other people enjoy themselves. Start there and see how it goes!

(I will also always support a public speaking course, but I know they can be intimidating. So hopefully this can serve as an alternative!)