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Anthony Aug 16, 2022 5059 views

What are some good questions to ask in an informational interview for a career?

How is an informational interview different than a job interview and what must one do to prepare for an interview?

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KAREN Mar 21, 2020 709 views

What can I do to boost my self-confidence when facing the public

A girl from Hong Kong that needs inspiration and encouragement #public-relations

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Uniququa Aug 24, 2018 813 views

How do get sociable on Campus?

Getting the President and student government to know w. #student #student-development

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Andrew Aug 12, 2022 620 views

I want to be a Supply Chain Enginer, Corperate exceutive, or a high ranking supply chain offial. I was wondering what degree I should double major with supply chain management?

Does going to a prestigous university make any diffrence aqquring a job in this field? How stressful is a supply chain management major and the jobs? How would I need to network to achieve my goals?