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Paige B. Jan 16, 2018 578 views

What tricks are there to calm down and present with confidence?

I get so anxious and nervous when I have to present a project infront of a class. I would really like to find a solution to this problem because as I progress in my major I would love to be able to put my ideas into the classroom and inspire.#presentations #anxiety...


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Chandler F. Nov 28, 2017 751 views

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations #public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations...


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Jordan S. Sep 01, 2017 496 views

What career(s) would be best for someone who is great at speaking in front of crowds?

I want to do something related to business, rather than acting or theater. I am currently captain of my school's improv troupe, but I much prefer hosting the games then playing them. I suppose I want a Public Relations degree so that I can present things to the public, but I am not sure if that...

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Mitchell A. Sep 14, 2016 1214 views

What is the best way to improve your public speaking skills?

Public speaking is basically my biggest fear in the entire world. I pretty much try dodging every obstacle possible when it comes to this topic. This is a strong phobia of mine that just eats away at me. If I were to practice speaking when I know I have a presentation or something big coming up...

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Rachel B. Feb 17, 2017 668 views
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Brandon H. Feb 14, 2017 646 views

How would I help implement my Microsoft abilities into a career in business?

I am currently earning my degree in Information Systems Technology but am planning in going into the business part of IT. Also, I am earning my Microsoft certifications - going for the MOS Master certificate. #information-technology #business-intelligence #microsoft-office #presentations...

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Rosa W. May 24, 2016 409 views

How much influence does scientific research have on policy-making?

I learned that legislators are not experts in everything, so lobbyists provide information to legislators when making policy on issues interest groups focus on. But even if this information is provided, how much do legislators take the facts into consideration? #research #politics...

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