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Career Questions tagged Microsoft Office

Damon’s Avatar
Damon Jan 19, 2018 555 views

What would be a good job to get with my credentials?

I am certified in Microsoft Office Specialist Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
I am having trouble finding jobs that are looking for my certifications to work for them so I can work on paying for college.
#business #microsoft-office #scholarships

C’s Avatar
C Apr 24, 2017 3252 views

When the employer asks you about your MS skills, what exactly does "intermediate to advanced MS skill" mean?

3rd year undergrad, seeking jobs for summer, I often see 'intermediate to advanced MS skills' in the job description, but how good does that mean? #job-search #interviews #microsoft-office

montessa’s Avatar
montessa Feb 24, 2017 3843 views

How often is Microsoft Access used in Human Resources or other similar job functions?

A year ago I learned how to use Microsoft Access in my computer software class. I'm wondering how often if at all is it used? If it isn't used what are software programs that we should be focusing on using instead. Are there any specific software programs that are used in Human Resources that...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 20, 2017 998 views

Which businesses/jobs have prerequisites of Microsoft Office experience?

I am currently studying to obtain my Microsoft Master Certificate for 2013 Word, and will be obtaining my Excel Expert later on. I really was wondering about how often MOS experience is needed and who would be impressed by it. #business #office-management #microsoft-office #prerequisites...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 14, 2017 917 views

How would I help implement my Microsoft abilities into a career in business?

I am currently earning my degree in Information Systems Technology but am planning in going into the business part of IT. Also, I am earning my Microsoft certifications - going for the MOS Master certificate. #information-technology #business-intelligence #microsoft-office #presentations...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 09, 2017 987 views

What type of qualifications do I need to become an administrative assistant or manager?

I have basic certifications for Microsoft Office and am attending college for a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I wonder what all I can do with that degree in terms of network management and administration. #management #information-technology #administration #project-management...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 09, 2017 684 views

How important is it to learn SQL while working in a job that requires Microsoft Office experience?

I am asking because I had applied and passed my Microsoft Certification tests and am two tests away from earning an MOS Master Certificate, and although I have passed the MOS Access Certification, I noticed that while making tables that one can code with SQL. So, I wonder how often one would...

mean’s Avatar
mean Oct 27, 2016 1090 views

What are the jobs related to business information systems?

I really want to know about it. #business #business-management #business-development #web-development #business-intelligence #microsoft-office #websites