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If I want to work at a record company in their PR division, how do I get started?

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Abi, That's a great question, and one that requires a little investigation on your part. If you are not lucky enough to live next to a musician or record company executive, you might try finding out more about the business. Go to LinkedIn, and look up the companies you are interested in. Don't forget local orchestras, or other large performing groups that might employ PR tactics. Then find names of the people who work there. You may be surprised to find that some of those people are friends or relatives of people you or your teachers/parents know. This is how you start networking. If you find a connection, you have that person reach out to them for you and introduce you. You might start by meeting them for an informational interview by phone. Ask them about the business. Express your interest, and find out what opportunities exist, paid or unpaid for you to spend time working there to gain experience learning the industry (language, trends, etc.). You can also reach out to a school counselor to find internship opportunities, That said, I would encourage you to take steps early to demonstrate your interest and learn more about the field you want to pursue. A passion for the business goes a long way to making a strong communications professional. I hope that helped. If I didn't peg your question, let me know. Good luck and follow your dreams! Barb
Last updated Oct 17 '17 at 02:50 PM
Contact the companies that you want to work with, then look for an internship. Or anywhere in the company to start. good luck!
Last updated Oct 23 '17 at 10:56 PM
You can let the interviewer give you a specific case analysis and an event analysis, which is to see what you are doing. Don't be nervous. It's no problem to believe in yourself.
Last updated Dec 19 '17 at 11:29 AM
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