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Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 04, 2018 2264 views

What is the hardest part about being a teacher?

#education #teaching

Lindsey ’s Avatar
Lindsey Feb 08, 2017 660 views

Is it harder to teach elementary or hichschool?

Highschool or elementary. Why? #teaching

hayley’s Avatar
hayley May 26, 2016 1109 views

Is it possible to major in languages in which more than one language is mastered at once?

I am currently interested in majoring in languages, however through research found that most majors are limited to specifics. For example I pick up dialect, word choice, and accent quickly and have put it in practice; more than volunteer requirements but as a career. I can't seem to find a...

Lindsey ’s Avatar
Lindsey Feb 08, 2017 960 views

What are the benefits of being a teacher?

What are the benefits of being a teacher? #teaching

Lizbeth’s Avatar
Lizbeth Oct 20, 2017 1269 views

How much money do you earn as a teacher?

l'm asking because i want to help my parents. #teaching #teacher #teach #teacher-training #education

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Oct 22, 2016 969 views

Do you think in today's society it is hard for teachers to aid students in forming their individuality, due to the strict curriculum and standards that are placed on them?

I am asking this because I want to be a teacher, and i have asked teachers this very question. I have noticed this, not just in my school, but in many across the country, that teachers aren't given free range to teach what their education has provided them with. Instead, teachers are given...

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra May 18, 2016 939 views

if my major is elementary education would you suggest me also getting a special Ed minor?

I love special needs kids and would live to work with then but I don't want to overwhelm myself in school. #higher-education #education #teaching

Mary-Anna ’s Avatar
Mary-Anna Sep 01, 2017 1055 views

Is it wise to become a teacher?

I am considering becoming a teacher. #teacher #education #careerchoice #help #school

Mary-Anna ’s Avatar
Mary-Anna Sep 01, 2017 951 views

Is it safe to become a teacher?

Becoming a #teacher is an option for me and I would like to explore all aspects of the career that I can before heading off to #college

Desirae’s Avatar
Desirae Aug 31, 2017 757 views

My university offers a five year Master's program for Education Majors, should I complete a fifth year for my masters or should I go straight into full time teaching?

I want to teach Middle School English until I can learn more than three languages. I do not plan to teach for more than 8 years, but things may change the further I get into my major (as I am a first year student). I would like to know the significance of a Master's Degree in the field of...

Mya’s Avatar
Mya May 23, 2016 912 views

For being a teacher, what experiences or classes would you highly recommend before you get a job?

I have wanted to be an elementary teacher my whole life (almost), so when it comes to getting a job I want to make sure I have really good experiences to make me an even better teacher. Are there experiences or classes that you wished you would have taken that would have helped you understand...

g’s Avatar
g May 20, 2016 1177 views

How do I improve my English?

I am very poor in english subject.

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #teacher #college-major #higher-education #english

gunashree’s Avatar
gunashree May 02, 2016 1078 views

Should children be educated in school or not????

Children get irritated at school. Even for boring classes, they can get their education at home. My question is that if they read at home and get the same education as they did in the school, what's the difference??????????
#teaching #teacher #high-school-classes #teach

paola’s Avatar
paola May 16, 2016 823 views

do u have to have good grades?

i would like to know that do i have to have experience to be at vet or a teacher because maybe i wouldn't learn that much about it or something and i wonder do i have to have a good grades to be able to have good spot to be a vet like being to give the shots or to be able to do many more stuff...

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 12, 2016 997 views

What are some ways to connect with a kid when they're having attention difficulties, attitude difficulties, etc?

I want to be an elementary school teacher and I want to get the best advice I can so I can be prepared in order to properly teach young children. #teaching #teacher #elementary-education