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gunashree May 04, 2016 1527 views

how to become a famous in India?

because i like the famous person who had achieved in the world and in my India......................... #engineer

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gunashree May 04, 2016 820 views

how can we reduce the traffic?

because some people have suffering from traffic they can not attained the class regularly and some officer may get late to enter the office so what can be be did? #engineer

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gunashree May 02, 2016 1065 views

Should children be educated in school or not????

Children get irritated at school. Even for boring classes, they can get their education at home. My question is that if they read at home and get the same education as they did in the school, what's the difference??????????
#teaching #teacher #high-school-classes #teach

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gunashree Apr 29, 2016 567 views

what is the use of language/

some people do not get jobs because of speaking Example;my elder sister got her job in different country but she lost because of not speaking there language so what can be did,...........