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Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 685 views

Do you think it's fair that a single standardized test can define you in your education?

I have recently begun applying to colleges. In doing so, I have been asked on numerous occasions what my ACT and SAT score is. Personally, I believe that one test should not be a determining factor in whether or not you get into college. Students have worked their whole primary education in...

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Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 500 views

Do you think in today's society it is hard for teachers to aid students in forming their individuality, due to the strict curriculum and standards that are placed on them?

I am asking this because I want to be a teacher, and i have asked teachers this very question. I have noticed this, not just in my school, but in many across the country, that teachers aren't given free range to teach what their education has provided them with. Instead, teachers are given...

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