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if my major is elementary education would you suggest me also getting a special Ed minor?

I love special needs kids and would live to work with then but I don't want to overwhelm myself in school. #higher-education #education #teaching

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Finishing a degree is the first priority as you will have opportunities to obtain a masters degree in special education once you complete your bachelors degree. If you feel overwhelmed, you may want to stick to the one major and look into master degree programs in special education.
Last updated Oct 16 '17 at 09:02
Yes definitely! A special ed background will make you more valuable as a teacher and will open up more opportunities for you! A friend of mine was a special ed teacher for many years & loved it. Her classes were smaller in size and it gave her the chance to really spend quality time with each student & make a difference in their lives.
Last updated Oct 26 '17 at 16:22
I think you are doing some really good thinking. A special Ed program will teach you how to help many children in the regular classroom. Many children these days have problems and it helps if we learn to recognize them and work to help those kids.
Last updated Oct 19 '17 at 20:46
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