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Olivia D. Oct 26, 2015 1137 views

Should I pay attention to politics, or wait to learn about them when I am older?

I think politics are interesting but I don't know if I should pay attention to them. #education #government #politics...


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Kelly J. May 02, 2016 2421 views

What is the best technology to use to stay organized?

I am in high school and have a really hard time staying organized. Especially when it comes to doing big projects or studying for tests. I'm trying to find out what others have done to stay organized in school or a job. Do you have recommendations on technology tools/programs I should use?...

#human-resources #technology #organization

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shaheen S. May 12, 2016 496 views

How do I become an educator?

I want to educate in my career. What should I do to become an educator? [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #teacher #education...


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Cassandra S. May 18, 2016 493 views

if my major is elementary education would you suggest me also getting a special Ed minor?

I love special needs kids and would live to work with then but I don't want to overwhelm myself in school. #higher-education #education...


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Jessica M. May 18, 2016 331 views

Would it be recommended for someone not to graduate early because of their degree?

If I were to graduate early (studying education), I would be teaching as a 19 year old. Would anyone respect me in the work place or hire me? #teaching #education #graduating #age...


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Sydney K. May 19, 2016 1002 views

How to you manage to keep up with the ever changing industry of technology?

As time moves on, technology evolves. From going to a brick of a phone to a touch screen I phone in a short amount of time, is quite astonishing. Even going from Nintendo 64 to virtual reality games with the oculus rift, or even looking up programs to use for either editing videos or creating...

#technology #programs #developer

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Taylor R. May 23, 2016 553 views

Are there any fields which combine medicine and forensic science?

I am interested in both of these fields and would like to explore my options for a professional career in such. #medicine #science #education #careers #forensic #criminology #and...


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emmanuelle O. May 24, 2016 448 views

what career could be right for me?

Hi, I am almost bilingual French (made in France) /English. I am pursuing a degree in early childhood education, and hope to be working in immersion programs. I would like to know which requirements I need for this career. #education #foreign-languages...


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Caitlin O. May 27, 2016 646 views

What do you suggest doing when the majors you're interested in are vastly different and require very different schooling?

I am interested in early education or being a pediatrician. I do not know what type of schooling I'll be able to afford and do not have enough basis to make a decision likely until a few years into college. Unfortunately, these two majors seem to require extremely different schooling and I do...

#pediatrics #education #majors

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Kristina Y. Jun 28, 2016 732 views

Is it more important to go to a prestigious college/uni or to go to another college/uni that is more unknown, but cheaper?

What are the pros and cons of going to a prestigious college/uni (ie Ivy League)? Is it worth it? Will I be able to have the same quality of education elsewhere? #college #education #university #colleges...


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Daniel T. Jun 29, 2016 823 views

Hi im currently a first time summer school teacher for a remedial math course, i find that a lot of my students lack the motivation to try in class or in anything at all. how do i help them

I've tried appealing to their own personal interests, and some of them can't seem to come up with any, i've offered them incentives like internship opportunities and given them talks about their future beyond high school, but everything i've tried has only had fleeting effects. can you please...

#guidance-counselor #career-advice #teacher #teaching #coaching #college #education

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Sharlene M. Aug 13, 2016 710 views
Aukai E.’s Avatar
Aukai E. Aug 22, 2016 826 views

Being a philosophy major is something of interest to me but I often hear that it is useless when working- how do I get the most out of a philosophy class and at was school to make it worth it?

I am interested in studying philosophy but don't want to major in something that will make it hard for me to get a job. People say it can be useful if done right- how do I do it right? #education #university #higher-education #consulting...


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Eddie A. Oct 01, 2016 449 views

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a senior in college?

I have just entered my senior year in college and as graduation gets closer and closer I want to make certain that I do everything possible to help set myself up for success in life after college. Are there any professionals working in sports, marketing or public relations that have any advice...

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Angie R. Oct 27, 2016 462 views

Is it bad to change your majors even if it lands in the same category?

I want to study in the medical field. Anything from technician to nursing. What if I choose to go with nursing in a 4 year college but then regret it and change to sonography or X-ray technology? Is that possible? If so , is that okay? #nursing #college-major #technology...