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Olivia Oct 29, 2015 3076 views

What kinds of cameras do you use for professional photography?

I want to be a photographer when I am older. #photography #cameras #lenses

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Olivia Oct 26, 2015 1590 views

Should I pay attention to politics, or wait to learn about them when I am older?

I think politics are interesting but I don't know if I should pay attention to them.
#education #government #politics #news

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Olivia Oct 26, 2015 1708 views

I want to be a photographer, but I'm not shure if I should make it a profession or a hobbie.....

I love taking pictures but I am not shure if it is the right fit for me. #photography #camera #educated

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Olivia Oct 25, 2015 1085 views

What types of education should I have so that I can be in politics?

Education meaning; possible majors college courses, degrees, licenses, credentials, extra curricular, internships, etc. #college #education #government #experienced

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Olivia Oct 20, 2015 1453 views

I want to be an entreprenuer, what kind of education should I have?

I want to have a good educational background so if my business fails I can get a well paying job. #entrepreneur #experienced