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I want to be an entreprenuer, what kind of education should I have?

Asked Haslet, Texas

I want to have a good educational background so if my business fails I can get a well paying job. #entrepreneur #experienced

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Eric’s Answer

Updated Santa Cruz, California

You don't need an education to be an entrepreneur. Of course, it helps to have one, especially as backup if your plans don't succeed.

But the greatest entrepreneurs of our time (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates) never had a bachelor's degree.

Certainly, I'm not advocating against going to college. But if you're good in business and in a certain trade, going to college may actually hinder your plans.

Ken’s Answer

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These sites will provide some information and food for thought:

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Daniela’s Answer

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Hi Olivia,

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners supply the American economy with some of its jobs. An entrepreneur can be an artist, homemaker, restaurant owner or an inventor who just came up the latest cell phone application. What defines an entrepreneur is the desire and courage to strike out on one's own in the world of business, instead of working for someone else. Finding the money to start a business is often the first challenge faced by a new entrepreneur, but due to the positive effect entrepreneurs may have on the economy, efforts are made by both private and government lenders to supply promising professionals with inexpensive capital.

Required Education

Educational requirements for entrepreneurs are non-specific; however, a strong business background can be helpful in securing financial support. While successful entrepreneurs are well trained in their field, qualifications can vary. For example, aspiring restaurateurs may be new graduates of culinary schools and hospitality programs or skilled chefs. However, someone with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) who knows nothing about cooking, but has always dreamed of owning a great neighborhood pub, may also qualify as an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurs need capital, so the ability to write an effective business plan is vital.

Required Skills

Entrepreneurs have a tolerance for risk taking and a willingness to leave the security of a 9-5 job. The ability to multitask is key, especially at the beginning of an enterprise, where an entrepreneur may need to function as a bookkeeper, customer service agent and marketing expert.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration A bachelor's degree program in business administration and entrepreneurship teaches students how to establish, manage, and oversee successful business ventures. Students learn broad business concepts, including financial management, business promotion, and business ownership legalities. Programs require four years of study and typically include courses on:

  • Financial accounting
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Business laws and regulations
  • Management principles
  • Organizational behavior
  • Macro and microeconomics

Continuing Education Information

Entrepreneurs are not required to be licensed or certified. Instead, career opportunities for entrepreneurs depend on formal education, business experience and presentation of business concepts. Entrepreneurs may seek industry-relevant certifications that demonstrate proficiency in specialized areas of business, such as computer programming or quality assurance.

To improve management abilities and advancement opportunities, entrepreneurs can pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Many MBA programs offer emphases in entrepreneurship or management while providing information on other aspects of business operation, such as marketing, human resources, and project management.

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