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Credit Analyst at Barclays
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Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 08, 2017 6876 views

If you could go back in time and tell your younger-self one thing, what would it be?

What one piece of advice would you want to tell your younger self? Would it be something about jobs and careers, losses and struggles, life and love? What would it be? #business #medicine #marketing #financial-services #social-media #marketing-and-advertising #strategy #customer-service

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 20, 2015 1226 views

I want to be an entreprenuer, what kind of education should I have?

I want to have a good educational background so if my business fails I can get a well paying job. #entrepreneur #experienced

Earl’s Avatar
Earl Oct 23, 2015 13178 views

Is it better to go to the military or college right after high school?

I want to go to college after high school,but I also heard that the military can pay for your college and have other benefits. I want to go to college for computer science. #college #military

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 24, 2015 1011 views

What are some colleges for Computer Science?

I am currently a junior in high school and I have been looking at some colleges. I plan to major in computer science but I am not sure what college are good for this major. I know that very popular colleges, such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UCLA, UCB, Cal Tech (etc) but they are all really...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Oct 26, 2015 920 views

How do you get a job?

I'm a middle school student and want a job but can't find one. If you could answer my questions that would be great thank you.

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Oct 29, 2015 1059 views

I need tips on how to open a resturant?

I have always wanted too open my own restaurant but I need tips on how? An advise? #resturant-owner

Deshawn’s Avatar
Deshawn Oct 21, 2014 2734 views

What would be a good technical degree to combine with an MBA that would allow me to be an executive of a technical/scientific company.

I am a senior and thinking of going into Biomedical engineering and then later going on to become a business executive. I don't really think that I am going to become a practicing engineer (but you never know). I began questioning whether I wanted to do all the work for a engineering major if I...

Jibbi’s Avatar
Jibbi Jul 15, 2015 1442 views

Finance or Economics As a major

Hello, for undergrad I definetly want to take international relations but I would like to combine it with another major, and I was thinking economics or Finance, does anyone know the best major to partner up with that for me to get a job in an NGO or an International organization/Bank? #college...

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Apr 07, 2014 1382 views

How do I know what I want to do for a career?

There are a million careers that I would find interesting, but finding the one I want for the rest of my life seems as or even more difficult than the meaning of life itself. All jokes aside, throughout high school, I've really excelled in all my science courses, so I think that's a start....

Colm’s Avatar
Colm Jun 24, 2015 7536 views

How do I get someone to sponsor me if I have a good idea and the commitment to follow it through.

I am a junior at George Washington Highschool and I am wondering how to get someone to sponsor an idea of mine, so I can start my business. #business #entrepreneurship #sponsorship #funding

Olga’s Avatar
Olga Apr 08, 2014 1698 views

Whats the difference between college life and high school life?

i am currently in high school and want to go to college but unsure #college #school #high-school

Jun’s Avatar
Jun May 22, 2015 2204 views

I would like to generate passive income , what business should a beginner be involved in that's low risk ?

I am a young entrepreneur interested in the process of starting my own business or organization . #entrepreneurship #general #bussiness

Rama’s Avatar
Rama Apr 29, 2014 2282 views

What can I do to increase my chances of getting into an amazing university?

Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school. I feel like it's too late for me to get into a great university and that all my opportunities to do something extraordinary have been missed. I was wondering if there is anything I can do this upcoming summer and junior year so that my application for college...

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Mar 12, 2014 1905 views

What can someone do in the Political Science field?

I am thinking of majoring in political science and I would like to know some possible careers that people have from this. #political-science

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Oct 21, 2014 1565 views

Money problems

What should one do if we do not have the funds to go to a good college? Would a loan be worth the debt? #college #money #student-loans #debt #personal-finance #economy