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I want to be a photographer, but I'm not shure if I should make it a profession or a hobbie.....

I love taking pictures but I am not shure if it is the right fit for me. #photography #camera #educated

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5 answers

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Katelyn’s Answer

That all depends on how much you want to make your hobby something you work on constantly. What type of photography are you interested in? Knowing what part of the industry would you like to go into will tell you a lot about the skills you will need to have and how much you can make doing it. I do have to say that for me photography is constant work (and I love it). There are times I have to work two weeks straight with long hours and then there are slow periods where there are maybe 2 shoots or less a week. You just need to think about if you will still have a passion for photography when it becomes work, even if it is fun work!

thanks for the info Wesley H.

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Dennis’s Answer

I have led photography tours around the world for 35 years with most of my groups consisting of serious amateurs who love photography. Many of these photographers have the skills to be professionals, but maintain it as a hobby because they have more lucrative careers to pursue. I generally advise young students to study for a more viable career, but keep photography as an option. This will also give them time to explore what type of photography interests them most and provide time to develop skills without needing to make a living at it. If someone finds they love photography so much that they can't imagine doing any other work, then they should pursue it 100%. But anyone aspiring to be a professional photographer should realize that it's a business and the actual shooting is only about 5% of the job.

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Jason’s Answer

I completely agree with Katelyn. Based on your experience and interest, try to make a list of the types of photography and dial it down from there. Once your dialed in your focus, you can often find people who need assistance as second shooters for events, weddings, etc.

By following a photo colleague/mentor through sources like local camera shop meetups/ local Instagram photographers, and social media, you can volunteer your time to help with any assistance they need. You are also welcome to at least interview them in person or through the web and ask questions that you have concerns about.

If you do get a chance to work with them, you can then watch their actions and they can provide you with first hand experience of their daily schedule. This can help determine if this career is right for you.

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Tamela’s Answer

I can appreciate your love of photography for I too love to take pictures. Like any other career, you will need to be committed to growing and evolving in your career. It takes hard workto become an expert in any field. If you're committed to working hard and being a life long learner in your field of study, then a career maybe possible. Talk to a photographer and find our what kind of photographer career you may be interested in pursuing. They work in various mediums, which gives you some flexibility in your decision. Good Luck!

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Savannah’s Answer


To make photography a profession you need business skills. Try taking a local business course to see if you like it. Once you understand Profit and Loss statements, deductions, and marketing you will be ready to go! Keep shooting!