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How can I get involved in being a photographer ?

I love to take pictures and edit them if needed. I only take them on my mobile device, because I do not have an actual camera to take pictures. I feel like I need to learn about the different cameras and which one would fit me. Any camera would be helpful, I just have to learn about them and the different models they have.
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3 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Hi Makaylah,
Photography requires an artistic eye and patience in order to capture the best shots possible. While having a "state of the art" camera can be helpful, it does not automatically make one great at taking photos - for that you will need to practice by figuring out your style and what it is you want to take pictures of. As technology continuously improves, the cameras on mobile devices have become higher quality, allowing for professional looking pictures to be possible without large financial investments.

While I do not have any specific endorsements of camera products, my recommendation to gather more info would be as follows:
1) Find an artist or artists who have a taste similar to yours (both for subject matter and style). There are countless people who have social media accounts and websites dedicated to their artwork.
2) Inquire about their journey to becoming the artist that they are today. You will likely be surprised how willing people are to share their perspectives, especially when preceded by a compliment.
3) Gather ideas about techniques and equipment used from your favorite sources and try to put some of the tricks and tips into practice - with your own flair, of course.
4) Most importantly, enjoy the artistic process. True success is more likely to be realized when you love your craft.

Hope this helps and best of luck!
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Raquel’s Answer

Hi there! If you are interested in seriously becoming a photographer you will need to find a high quality camera to take photos with. Each of the big camera brands all have similar level cameras to each other, a lot just depends on personal preference. There are new rankings that come out every year saying which camera is the best by which brand for different categories, and it often switches between brands. So since each brand is very similar in quality it is best to find a brand that you like and stick with them. My husband and I do photography on the side and we personally love canon.
There are a variety of levels of cameras that you can get, as a beginner I would recommend getting a cheaper camera and learning how to use it, about photo composition, and photo editing. For example a good starter camera for canon is the Rebel. Then, if you decide to continue to grow in photography you can upgrade your camera later. You will also need lenses to use. What lenses you need will depend on what kind of pictures you want to take, there are different lenses for portrait vs landscape vs macro photography. Similar to camera bodies there are different levels of lenses so again I would start with the lower down lenses so you aren't spending a ton of money right away.
There is a large learning curve with photography. One of the most important things for you to do is learn how to manually adjust your camera settings and to shoot in raw so that you can edit your photos well. You will also need to learn how to use editing programs like photoshop/lightroom to be able to edit your raw photos and get the best quality.
Once you decide on a camera and some starter lenses you just need to practice! If you are interested in doing portraits do some photoshoots with friends/family to get practice. You will need to experiment with poses and lighting to learn what works and what doesn't. A mistake that I see a lot of budding photographers make is agreeing to do weddings too soon. Photographing a wedding is a LOT of work and can very easily go very wrong. You need to have a high quality camera and be good at editing as well as posing, lighting, and candid shots before doing a wedding.
This is all just a very bare bones, basic information on getting into photography, the best thing you can do is research and practice! Best of luck!
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David’s Answer

I'm not sure where to start, but let's go with gear. All cameras have the same basic functions regardless of brand. So, I would not be concerned with the brand or model to begin with. I would also suggest buying a used camera and lens to start. I shop at B&H photo because they have an extensive selection of used gear and warranty their used stuff for six months. I'd guess about $300 will get you a good starter camera and lens. They also have an 800 phone number and offer excellent guidance.
Next, get yourself a book and learn how cameras operate and so on. I recommend any of the books that are titled "The complete book of digital photography." There are several choices and I like the author Michael Freeman. You can find books online and they offer them used which I prefer.
These ideas will get you started in photography. Oh, maybe you can find a community education class for beginners. I would also suggest looking at different photographers work online. You will have to do some research to locate the photographers that shoot the type of photographs that interest you.
A final thought; for the most part, I do not consider images on Facebook or Instagram to be very useful. Generally, they are of limited quality and you want to see what the paid photographers are producing.
Best of luck!