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Colby B. Dec 10, 2015 1307 views

What field of photography would I be most successful in?

My name is Colby, I'm from Northfield, MA and I am looking to pursue a career in photography. I wish to choose a field in photography that would earn me the largest salary and I am wondering which one that would be. #photography...


Ben Landis’s Avatar
Ben L. Mar 24, 2016 2040 views

What can I do to help make my photography business bigger?

I am a photographer in the Bay Area. I have done many photography sessions with friends and they have recommended me to people they know. How do I get my name out there more? What can I do to get more exposure? #business #photography...


meghan S.’s Avatar
meghan S. Apr 26, 2016 884 views

How did you decide on your career?

Hi, i am in 9th grade and constantly worry about my future. I am always online googling information that i hope will give me something to let me know that i would be useful in a certain profession. I want to understand how people came to choose their professions, without knowing if they would...

#anesthesiologist #modeling #animals #surgeon #photography #technology #veterinarian #laboratory

Isaiah V.’s Avatar
Isaiah V. Apr 28, 2016 2714 views

I'm interested in photography and photojournalism. Which one should I major in or minor?

I'm thinking about a career in photojournalism. I want to be a photojournalist. I'm just wondering, what should I major in in order to become a photojournalist? What is it like to be a photojournalist? #journalism #photography...


Millie O.’s Avatar
Millie O. May 09, 2016 1387 views

What sort of major is recommended to be a wildlife photographer or videographer?

Would it be better to receive a degree in something to do with wildlife (e.g. biology/zoology) or a degree in film-making? #film #photography #wildlife-biology...


Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. May 12, 2016 718 views

Is it extremely difficult to become a professional photographer? What types of qualifications would I need?

I love photography and would love to get a job doing it, even if it was only part-time and in addition to a better paying job....


Victoria W.’s Avatar
Victoria W. May 12, 2016 635 views

How long will I be in school for photography

I want to be a photographer...


famina F.’s Avatar
famina F. May 13, 2016 653 views

How do I become a photographer?

I know little to nothing about photography but want to begin to learn. #photography #photoshop #art...


Marcos M.’s Avatar
Marcos M. May 19, 2016 595 views

How do folks with Photography degrees begin their career after graduation? How do you break into commercial photography?

I am on the edge of graduating. However, I am trying to figure out how to begin to look for work once I obtain my degree in photography in December. #art #photography #fashion-photography #videography #commercial-photography...


Emmalee  H.’s Avatar
Emmalee H. May 20, 2016 778 views

Is photography a field with a lot of career options?

I am interested in photography, but want to know if it's something that would likely give me a good career after college. What are the chances of finding a good photography job? #careers...


Emmalee  H.’s Avatar
Emmalee H. May 20, 2016 723 views

Is photography something I can study at college?

I would like to be a photographer and am wondering if photography is a possible degree. #college #majors #photography...


Carlos V.’s Avatar
Carlos V. Jun 01, 2016 908 views

I am interested in photography. Are they companies that will pay me for my photos?

If so, what is a reasonable income/salary?I mostly enjoy taking photos of plants and objects in nature. #photography #nature...