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Kember F. Jan 16, 2018 605 views

Is there a career combining videography and missionary work?

I am interested in videography, as well as spreading the Good News of Christ, and was wondering if there was a career or opportunity to do both. #missionary-work #videography...


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Jazmine K. Jan 10, 2018 370 views

What are some tips and suggestions to becoming a professional Photographer or Videographer?

I am a junior in high school and ever since I was little I had been interested in Photography and Videography (Probably because I grew up in a family of Photographers). Though I had been trying to get more and more into these two subjects because I usually like being able to capture the...

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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 721 views

Does getting a degree in Photography branch out into usable skills like videography?

I am wondering what my options are with a one-dimensional degree to branch out into other fields like mass communications or the movie industry. #film #television #videography #movie-production #personal-development...


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Marcos M. May 19, 2016 592 views

How do folks with Photography degrees begin their career after graduation? How do you break into commercial photography?

I am on the edge of graduating. However, I am trying to figure out how to begin to look for work once I obtain my degree in photography in December. #art #photography #fashion-photography #videography #commercial-photography...


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Millie O. May 09, 2016 1336 views

What sort of major is recommended to be a wildlife photographer or videographer?

Would it be better to receive a degree in something to do with wildlife (e.g. biology/zoology) or a degree in film-making? #film #photography #wildlife-biology...


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Brandon T. Mar 17, 2015 740 views

What does it take to be a pediatrician

I am really interested in animals and I was wondering what will it take to get to be a pedestrian since I watch a lot of animal planet and I study animals real closely and watch a lot of YouTube videos about ancient history of certain animals.I see animals a lot when I am walking home wandering...

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