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San Francisco, California
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my career goal is to graduate high school and college and be successful in being a photographer.



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jasmin Mar 27 344 views

how can you make a good impression at a job review?

I would like to know a few tips on making a good impression when i am being interviewed for a job.

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jasmin Mar 27 204 views

how can i stay productive to reach my goals?

I have trouble trying to stay productive and would like to know ways i can prevent that.

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jasmin Mar 26 514 views

wha are some good tips on writing a college essay??

im a junior in high school but i would like to know how i can prepare myself for my college application.

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jasmin Mar 06 667 views

what is the first step to be a photographer?

I've been wanting to be a photographer for my career but i am not too sure how to begin my career. How do i start?