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Ella’s Avatar
Ella Jan 09, 2017 669 views

How do you get into photography?

I want to know how you get into photography like how do you start getting your picture out were people can see them? #photoshop

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Jan 09, 2017 1004 views

What school would teach me about photography?

I was wondering what college would teach me about photography? #college #photography

Emmalee ’s Avatar
Emmalee May 20, 2016 1052 views

Is photography something I can study at college?

I would like to be a photographer and am wondering if photography is a possible degree. #college #majors #photography #studies

alexis’s Avatar
alexis May 27, 2016 2197 views

what jobs can you get with a BFA?

I want to go to an art college and pursue art, I am asking so I can choose which classes to take when I apply for college #fine-art #the-arts

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 26, 2015 1478 views

I want to be a photographer, but I'm not shure if I should make it a profession or a hobbie.....

I love taking pictures but I am not shure if it is the right fit for me. #photography #camera #educated

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 12, 2015 1319 views

How much does a photographer make a year?

I'm thinking of being one #money #photography #salary #expert #camera