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How to you manage to keep up with the ever changing industry of technology?

As time moves on, technology evolves. From going to a brick of a phone to a touch screen I phone in a short amount of time, is quite astonishing. Even going from Nintendo 64 to virtual reality games with the oculus rift, or even looking up programs to use for either editing videos or creating music, theirs over 10 different programs to use. How do you mange to keep up with this astonishing rate of improvement with technology?

Also, how do you choose which program to use? I know some programs are, at the beginning, very confusing to use, but the effects are amazing. But not all programs can give the same effect, and I assume it would be very time consuming to use all of them. #technology #developer #programs

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I follow some subreddits for news and trends that I am interested in and you never know what interesting tangents can become hot topics. Additionally I read some online tech sites for new articles everyday and you can see what all the latest buzz is about. Some technologies that are developer related, can never hurt to make a mini project out of it. Even if you're not planning on shipping anything, it's always good to gain experience developing with a new framework or technology and understanding what tools are available to you in the future.

As for deciding what programs to use, its difficult to say at a first glance. It requires a bit of research to understand the pros and cons of each program against their competitors. For the more niche media creation applications like video editing or audio production, users tend to get very loyal and defensive of their preferred tools. Personally for audio production, I've started with FL Studio and eventually stuck with Reason. The skills and concepts you learn in one can be quite transferrable. In the end, it becomes how easy each software makes your task at hand. In a work setting though, your freedom may be limited due to licenses the company has, so it can never hurt to try out a demo to understand what you're getting into.

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Hi Sydney, This is a age and time where technology is everywhere, and changing by the day. What you learn today will form the foundation for the technology of tomorrow. It is very difficult to know which technology will remain for long time, but if you notice, there is a pattern for all the gadgets/technology you use. Once Touch screen became the new normal, you will hardly find innovation or launch of ordinary phones in the market, like wise, VR is becoming the norm for gaming devises, but this technology is also being used for innovation in Medical devises and how future surgeries are done. So if you notice and keep your eyes open you will see a trend in all the new technologies . Once you are in touch with the technology changes in the industry/market, you will tend to notice which investment/interest will give you long term returns. Just by asking this question, I understand you are on the right path. All the best.
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Hi Sydney,

You are right about the technology consistently changing, and it's good that you realize that you need to choose carefully when learning softwares. When things change, it can be intimidating and feel like a whole new cycle, but sometimes the changes are not all that different from what you are used to. Some of what changes in technology is surface, and while it looks great, it may not do much to whatever programs you use. I meet a lot of people in my line of work who have been using the same software and hardware for many years (brand loyalty). They have learned to adapt to the trends and newer tools. The coding language doesn't always change, just the actual coding. My suggestion is to get with someone who has your dream job and find out what they use. If there's no one you know, check your local community college for a course. They may have something to get your feet wet and you may even get a taste of some of what is out there! Good luck

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Sydney, Check out this app called Appygeek. Great way to stay up to date on all
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