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Anina May 11, 2016 1074 views

How do I start a blog that makes money? How long does it take?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I see a lot of that "work from home!" spam in comment sections. But it seems like many bloggers actually DO manage to work from home, and still make a liveable wage. How do you replicate their success? #technology...

Brier’s Avatar
Brier Mar 12, 2017 886 views

Where's a good place to start freelance writing (and just writing in general) if you are inexperienced and still in school?

I'm a high school student who wants to become a writer. I plan on taking courses in college, but I would like to start with little things now and possibly get my first paying job. #writing #first-job #creative-writing

j’s Avatar
j May 19, 2017 856 views

how long do you have to go to college

idk why i ask #astronomy #other

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Sydney May 19, 2016 1338 views

How to you manage to keep up with the ever changing industry of technology?

As time moves on, technology evolves. From going to a brick of a phone to a touch screen I phone in a short amount of time, is quite astonishing. Even going from Nintendo 64 to virtual reality games with the oculus rift, or even looking up programs to use for either editing videos or creating...

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne May 11, 2017 883 views

Would you need any schooling to become a successful jewelry designer?

i love creating jewelry! #fashion #jewelry #career-details

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Devetra May 12, 2017 898 views

Are there places to travel for cheap if you are still in college?

Limited budget #travel #traveling

ridley’s Avatar
ridley May 12, 2017 918 views

what is a good prise to charge for mowing lawns

i need to know #all #pro

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 541 views

Whats the easiest instrement to play

Is it easy to play an instruments #music

Arlenna ’s Avatar
Arlenna Feb 18, 2017 737 views

What are some of the main things that a beauticianist needs to start off with?

If I was going to start my own beautician business what would be some of the main things that I need to start off my business with? You have to start off with something. #beauty-industry

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 15, 2016 711 views

Is teaching the only thing you can do with an education degree?

Education wasn't my intended major when I first started applying to colleges. I'm confident I'll enjoy teaching, but was wondering if an education degree would be able to extend elsewhere. #educator #administration

billy’s Avatar
billy May 05, 2017 739 views

where should i go to learn how to edit videos

i want to become a youtuber #technology

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 1243 views

What book genres are the most popular right now?

One of my ultimate goals is to write my own novel and have it published. Of course, I want my book to sell, so picking the right genre is important depending on what people tend to buy. What genres are typically easier to make sales off of? #author #publishing #novels #genre #write #novelist

Michaela’s Avatar
Michaela Feb 08, 2017 670 views

As a writer, do you work professionally with other people?

Do you work with others as a writer #writing