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Career Questions tagged Developer

Hiyab’s Avatar
Hiyab Sep 28, 2021 335 views

What makes your job fun or engaging?

I am 10th Grade student at Galileo High-school in San Francisco California. #career #money #technology #programming #developer

AserLloyd’s Avatar
AserLloyd Sep 28, 2021 212 views

For developers and engineers: Are you able to incorporate your ideas in your projects? How much freedom for your creativity do you have in your job?

#computer-science #career #engineering #job #technology #programming #developer

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi Jul 20, 2020 419 views

I am looking to develop a basic mentoring and tutoring app that can match volunteers to students. Any advice on this & programs/algorithms to use for this?

#evelopment #software-development #software-industry #developer #software-development #coding #code #app #appdevelopment #app-development #programming #computer-software #algorithms #codinglanguage #language

Sneha’s Avatar
Sneha May 11, 2020 1551 views

Are internships or coops really important to get a job in software field?

Due to covid-19, I haven't secured a #co-op or #internship yet. I am a college student and I do not have any previous experience. Will this affect my #job-search after I graduate? If yes, do you have any #suggestions on what I can do to improve the chance of getting a #job? #software...

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Sep 12, 2019 921 views

How did you move from a front-end developer into a full-stack?

I am a self taught #front-end #developer. Currently deciding to get formal training to later move into #back-end development. I have strong fundamentals in #programming #computer #software.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Apr 26, 2018 628 views

How much weight should students place on the geographic location of their school?

Over the past five years many industries (tech in particular) seems to have concentrated in a few places around the country. In particular, New York, Silicon Valley, Texas, and Seattle. How large of an advantage is it to go to school at a university that is located in one of these places?...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 01, 2016 797 views

What are the Steps in Becoming a Software Developer?

Software developing seems like an interesting field and I would like to know how I would become one and the pros and cons of the job #software #developer

shilpa’s Avatar
shilpa Jun 23, 2016 629 views

i wanted to be civil engineer? which subject i must choose?

i wanted to go to construction and interior designing field #engineer #construction-management #developer

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Jun 21, 2016 901 views

Computer Programming. Where to go, what to do?

Hi! My name is Darren. I want to pursue a career in computer programming but I don't know where to start. What are the first few steps I should take? I know that a first computer language is needed but I don't know which would be the most effective or the easiest. (Java, C++, ect...) What...

Sana’s Avatar
Sana Jun 17, 2016 960 views

What jobs pay the most/have the best benefits?

Want to Know about the benefits of opting a job in a Particular Field. #doctor #engineer #lawyer #police #scientist #artist #astronomy #developer

Logan ’s Avatar
Logan May 25, 2016 1108 views

How difficult is it to find a job after college for computer programmers?

I want to go to college to learn how to program computers, but I'm wondering how the job market for computer programmers are? #computer #software #programming #java #developer

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 19, 2016 1238 views

How to you manage to keep up with the ever changing industry of technology?

As time moves on, technology evolves. From going to a brick of a phone to a touch screen I phone in a short amount of time, is quite astonishing. Even going from Nintendo 64 to virtual reality games with the oculus rift, or even looking up programs to use for either editing videos or creating...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 17, 2016 1104 views

What should I expect to run into when going into a degree for game development?

I've always been fascinated with gaming's ability to create worlds for everyone to enjoy, but I know that developing games is anything but a cakewalk. What subjects and technologies should I expect to run into for a game development degree? #video-games #game-development #video-game-development...

Prerna’s Avatar
Prerna May 15, 2015 999 views

Sir, i am having my class 12th this year with pcm + computer as subject. i am very much interested in the fields related to computers(specially IT). I want to have my career in this field. but i am really confused as i am an average student.

I have not prepared for exam such as IIT so m confused that wether i will be able to succeed in this field. nd what will b my salary, nd which degree should i opt for.? plz ans my queries. #computer-science #engineer #computer #it #developer

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier Oct 02, 2014 1253 views

Does anyone have any beginner recommendations about software, IT, and certificates that may help me ?

I am currently a college student looking to work with a few friends to create Indie games, flash games, etc. I want to learn about some websites, programs, that will help me teach myself coding and creating games on my own. #technology #software #it #developer