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Career Questions tagged Codinglanguage

aya’s Avatar
aya Oct 31, 2022 305 views

What coding language is most used in the computer science field/ jobs?

As I am learning about some of the coding languages such as python and Java script, I am wondering which one is most commonly used when working in computer science. What do current companies/ software engineers use to create programs?

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Sep 11, 2022 299 views

How do absorb or learn technical functions in programming languages?

I am an IT student. Having a hard time memorizing the functions in Python and figuring out what the "problem" needs. Like I know what is the flow of the "program" but I have no idea what functions or specific commands to use.

Almaz’s Avatar
Almaz Aug 25, 2022 165 views

Why is c++ considered one of the toughest languages to learn?

Why is c++ considered one of the toughest languages to learn?

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jul 14, 2022 258 views

What type of cyber security programs should I be learning as a junior in college

Hi, I'm a cyber security major in college right now, I wanted to know what type of programs or languages I should be learning on my own separate time. Right now I start Linux soon, and some other data information security program.

Nana Ama’s Avatar
Nana Ama May 30, 2022 477 views

Is there a point where medicine and coding meet?

What jobs combine medicine and computer-science?

Wyatt’s Avatar
Wyatt May 06, 2022 408 views

What is the best interactive platform to learn the fundamentals of the C# language?

I'm looking into coding my own game, what do you recommend or what did you use when first learning how to code C#?

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Nov 09, 2021 593 views

Is there a "main" coding language that most programmers use?

As stated in my career goals, I would love to delve into the Computer Science field for my career and or future.

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi Jul 20, 2020 466 views

I am looking to develop a basic mentoring and tutoring app that can match volunteers to students. Any advice on this & programs/algorithms to use for this?

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