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Career Questions tagged Software Developer

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 26, 2022 355 views

How do i get in to NASA as a software Developer?

I want to be a NASA Software Developer but i dont know exactly what i should do to have a high chance to get in

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Oct 06, 2021 315 views

What are the differences between Software Engineers and Software Developers?

#software-engineer #software-developer #technology

Greg’s Avatar
Greg Oct 06, 2021 406 views

How would you build a software developer?

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and was just accepted to a program that will pay for school, any additional training that would make me more hirable, and a monthly housing allowance. I'm starting at a local community college and looking to transfer to Santa Clara University in pursuit of a computer...

Howard’s Avatar
Howard Oct 05, 2021 254 views

Between computer engineer and computer science major, which major can give me a higher chance in getting a job as a software developer or software engineer?

I am currently a senior in high school, and I am in the middle of my college applications. I am debating whether I want computer engineering or computer science as a major.

#computer-engineering #software-developer #software-engineer

Elaine’s Avatar
Elaine Sep 14, 2021 381 views

What is the difference between software developer and software engineer?

I am really interested in working with technology in my future career(s). #engineer #engineering #technology #tech #computer-software # computer-science #software-engineer #software-developer

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Mar 13, 2019 622 views

As someone who is a software developer, what is the most challenging part of the job?

#software-engineer #software-developer #technology

Nemath’s Avatar
Nemath Jun 17, 2016 863 views

What kind of job opportunities are there for ethical hackers does there pay differs from normal programmers and what are best institutes to pursue it?

I am very much interested in Hacking. #engineering #engineer #software #hacking #software-developer #ethical-hacking

David’s Avatar
David May 24, 2016 4031 views

What are the key programming languages that front-end web developers should know? How about for back-end web developers?

Hello, I'm David, a rising, college sophomore, who is majoring in Information Technology, with a concentration in web and mobile app. development. The reason I'm asking this is that I'm thinking about becoming a future front-end web developer, but at the same time, am deciding whether or not a...

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian May 19, 2016 978 views

Game Programmer Vs App/Software Programmer

I have been in love with computers and technology all of my life and starting next year I am perusing a degree in Computer Science. One of the questions that I still have is how should I go about how to deciding whether if I should be a game programmer or a app/software programmer? The...

ADitya’s Avatar
ADitya May 10, 2016 1350 views

How to become an ethical hacker?

I love to code and interested in computers. Would like to try in different field? #engineering #software-developer