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Clarky Lee

Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
Game Development
Ontario, Ontario, Canada
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tejas May 17, 2016 564 views

1.How can drive the Aeroplane

I don't know to drive the Aeroplane because that's why i am asking this Question #teach #adult-adhd #pro-bono

Joshua Joseph’s Avatar
Joshua Joseph May 17, 2016 2668 views

Are you happy with your career?

Given the direction in which our world is transitioning today, from technology transforming into a ubiquitous necessity, how has that idea impacted your decision into going into that career? What intrinsic motivation gives you the drive to continue your choice of going that path? What do you...

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen May 17, 2016 1031 views

What is the best way to stand out amongst other applicants?

When applying to internships and jobs, what are the best and most important ways to make yourself stand out from the pool of applicants? #internships #job-search #resume #job-applications

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 19, 2016 1234 views

How to you manage to keep up with the ever changing industry of technology?

As time moves on, technology evolves. From going to a brick of a phone to a touch screen I phone in a short amount of time, is quite astonishing. Even going from Nintendo 64 to virtual reality games with the oculus rift, or even looking up programs to use for either editing videos or creating...

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Christopher May 17, 2016 687 views

When giving a review, what rating method do you most prefer (i.e. stars, thumbs, letter grade, out of 10, out of 5, etc.)?

I ask because I would like to know how to better communicate the overall performance of a product to my audience. #journalism #literature-reviews