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Victoria A. Feb 18, 2018

Job for self-taught junior java developer?

What is the best way for a self-taught Java developer without degree in computer science to get hands on the real project to gain experience? #java #java-development...


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Gloria S. Nov 03, 2016

What books would be helpful in understanding more about software development for applications?

The reason I am asking is because I wanted to try out a sample project of working with applications in software development. I wanted to know of some good book reads to know more about the process. Also if I could get any advice if I were to code everything in java, like any helpful advice for...

#computer-programming #software-development #java-development #mobile-applications #software-design

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Logan J. May 25, 2016

What courses should I be looking to take to become a computer programmer / software delevoper?

I want to go to college to learn about something within computer programming. #computer #software #programming #development...