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Career Questions tagged Development

JERICHO’s Avatar
JERICHO Nov 01, 2022 651 views

What are the best programming languages to learn this coming 2023?

I am confused with what kind of programming languages will be best to learn for the long-term. There are just a wide variety of programming languages to choose from. I have tried Javascript and Java as a basis of my learning. But I am still quite unsure on which I should focus on.

Kavion’s Avatar
Kavion Aug 26, 2022 310 views

What environments do you work in inside of software development

What environments do you work in inside of software development

mario’s Avatar
mario May 03, 2022 272 views

what is the most vital part of coding or software development that will help me branch into other areas?

I've did java and c++ a little, but i want to know more coding languages.

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 20, 2021 377 views

What type of software is used to develop all games?

#software-engineering #development #software-development

claire’s Avatar
claire Feb 26, 2021 279 views

what is the importance of minors in college?

#career-planning #college #development

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Apr 22, 2020 535 views

What career options are out there for me?

I am currently studying a degree in economics, and it seems the only options for placement years, internships, or graduate jobs are accounting or investment banking. I find my strengths do not lie with accounting and I am good at macroeconomics, specifically development economics and i am quite...

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jan 30, 2020 545 views

How much of your job in community development involves research?

Do you feel that you need to really study the community you are working with in order to benefit them most? Do you find that reaching out to community members helps to understand the needs of the whole community most adequately, or do you research programs similar to ones you may be considering...

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jan 30, 2020 392 views

What are the pros and cons of working for a non-profit?

I have worked within the educational field for the past decade. I am working towards obtaining my BS in Community Development, and want to see what my options may be, highly considering non-profit organizations #college-major #career #community #development #degree

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Nov 10, 2019 464 views

How do social workers contribute to the development and wellbeing of people and society?

#social-work #psychology #social-worker #counseling #health #development

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Oct 31, 2018 501 views

I want to work in Economic Development as a career what should I do when I enter college to prepare me for a career after I graduate?

I am going to be a freshman in College startinf fall 2019.I am going to major in economics and/or Business Administration. #Economics
#Businessmajor #development #collegefreshman

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jun 27, 2018 555 views

I want to be a developmental child psychologist

what majors should i take in college . #psychology #development #psychologist #children #kids

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie Mar 13, 2018 647 views

How do I make myself stand out in the Public Relations Industry?

I hope to become a PR Representative in the future. #career-counseling #public-relations #development #Representative

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jan 19, 2018 563 views

What is the most rewarding part of being a structural engineer?

This is my major and I'll be graduating soon. One of the reasons I originally chose this was because I always liked math and physics, but I wanted to make sure I could use those skills to help people, but lately I've seen this field as more of putting up high rises and luxury condos for people...

Thompson’s Avatar
Thompson Feb 24, 2017 1446 views

Is proficiency in Java enough to get you placed in good company?

I'm a graduate student(MS Computer Science) and I'm gonna be graduating in a year and a half and I wanted to know if there is any skill that I must have besides Java. I would like to know what are the other programming languages/skills that any employer can expect from a potential employee with...

Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Feb 11, 2017 775 views

What skills do I need to develop to become a good teacher?

I am in the concurrent Education program at York University. #teacher #school #skills #personal-development #development

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Jan 11, 2017 1224 views

How do I practice programming and making games?

Currently, all I know is a little bit of GameMaker's built in coding language, and I have a budget of 0 dollars. I've made 1 game with the help of a YouTube tutorial (an asteroids clone) and have multiple unfinished projects. I want to know the answer to these questions: What programming...

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Nov 01, 2016 795 views

As a computer scientist/programmer, is there anything you would change about the environment of your job?

Do you find the place you work at stressful or comforting? Any windows? Lots of room or are you in a cubicle? I would like to have an understanding of how the working atmosphere will likely be within the computer science field. #computer-science #computer-software #computer...

Nidhi’s Avatar
Nidhi Oct 17, 2016 875 views

Job proffession in IT field

I am intrested in C Language what will be best profession for me.I am thinking for web development and software development too.i am so confused in which i should move forward kindly help. #software #development #web

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Oct 11, 2016 886 views

What is the best way to determine which area of psychology you would do best in?

I know that I want to major in Psychology, but I am unsure of how to determine which area that I like best or would be the best at. #psychology #careers #development #child

Blessed Joshua ’s Avatar
Blessed Joshua Jul 30, 2016 1580 views

Am I required to have a Computer Science degree to become a Software Engineer? Do employers look more on the skill of the person than the degree? Also, do employers look down on people who do not have a Bachelor's Degree?

I'm a First year Computer Science Major. Also I'm taking a Udacity NanoDegree by Google in Android Development. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #technology #software-engineering #software-development #coding #development #personal-development #career-details #job-application

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jul 07, 2016 1291 views

What are the most important traits or skills to develop before starting a career?

I am currently in college. I would like learn and develop important skills and traits that would make me stand out in any field. What do you think are the most important skills to master? #college #career #development #interviewing-skills #communication-skills

Blessed Joshua ’s Avatar
Blessed Joshua Jun 02, 2016 1544 views

What's the best way to gain Computer Science experience, without any experience at all?

I am a first year Computer Science Major #computer-science #technology #software #programming #computer-engineering #programmer #development #google

Logan ’s Avatar
Logan May 25, 2016 1823 views

What courses should I be looking to take to become a computer programmer / software delevoper?

I want to go to college to learn about something within computer programming. #computer #software #programming #development #java-development

Minh’s Avatar
Minh May 18, 2016 1089 views

Is it possible for students adapt to new career paths that are unrelated to their major? And if so, what steps should they take?

A lot of times, people end up having a new passion that is unrelated to their degree. I have seen many professionals gain high profile jobs even though they had a degree that was unrelated to their career. I was curious to see how a student could gain experience in a different field and dive...

Esmeralda’s Avatar
Esmeralda May 09, 2016 732 views

What kind of jobs could you get with a associates degree in child development?

I plan on getting an associates degree in child development and would just like to know. #development #child

Ellen’s Avatar
Ellen May 08, 2016 1084 views

What are job options for those who have product development and product design degrees?

My current college major is product development and it is a topic that interests me very much. I am wondering what careers are possible for me #career #development #product

Paul’s Avatar
Paul May 04, 2016 1078 views

How should a student app developer get his first work?

Hi! My name is Paul and I'm a 16 year-old who is currently learning Android app development. I was looking at job postings in that field for future reference and I noticed that most employers want the developer to have at least two years of experience. My question is: how can I get two years...

Sheetal’s Avatar
Sheetal Apr 14, 2016 1060 views

What are the future career oppertunities of a social worker in India?

I have studied my Masters in Social work .. I just want to know the career trends in India for a social worker #educator #development

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Jul 27, 2014 1843 views

I want to join computer industry as a programmer . Is it necessary for me to have skills for more than one programming language to be a successful professional ?

by skills I mean the the complete in and out of the language . Because currently I am learning complete C(including the hardware interaction part) and I feel like if other languages are going to be this deep than it would take me my whole life to learn them . #computer #software #programming...

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Jul 10, 2014 1179 views

Of what importance is the university of a student if he wants to get a good job ??

I also want to know that if I can change my career after completing my engineering , I mean like if I get degree in EC can I get a job related to CS or IT ?? #engineering #career #jobs #salary #development