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What is the most rewarding part of being a structural engineer?

This is my major and I'll be graduating soon. One of the reasons I originally chose this was because I always liked math and physics, but I wanted to make sure I could use those skills to help people, but lately I've seen this field as more of putting up high rises and luxury condos for people who are already wealthy and not a field that really helps the general public. Any advice or thoughts? Thanks! #structural-engineering #civil-engineering #development

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2 answers

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Mokshan’s Answer

Having worked in Transportation sector for about 4 years, the joy that the structures/bridges designed by us bring to local people especially in rural areas who have faced problems such as inaccessibility, poor road conditions, poor connectivity to nearby cities/town, really is a rewarding thing. Being a structural engineer we can visibly help in the development of an area and the country as a whole.

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Sarah’s Answer

I've working in civil engineering and construction my entire career. The most rewarding opportunity was the chance to work with Oxfam America provide engineering advice and input to communities that were struggling with with flooding problems in their neighborhoods.
I've found that there are times in my career where I'm focused on earning - and maybe that means helping design a new luxury high rise - but there are other times where I have the opportunity to learn, to teach or - like with Oxfam - to help.

Not every single day of my career is rewarding, but I know those opportunities to help are most rewarding so I'm always looking for those opportunities and seeking out people who seem to be finding the kinds of opportunities I'd also like to try.