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How to make a good first impression during a job interview?

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You would prefer not to try too hard, however, think positive and grin when you’re facing the interviewer and when it’s fitting amid the interview. Positive individuals with solid interpersonal abilities will more likely be recruited.


It can be truly clumsy on the off chance that you appear for a job interview under-dressed or overdressed. In case you don’t know what to wear, look at these tips for how to dress for an interview so you create the best impression.

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Hello Tharles,

I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with's Career Advice webpage because there is all kind of great information there dealing with interviews, including Interview Preparation and Interview Appearance.

Keep in mind that you are a college student so you will be applying for an internship or coop or something like that. Interest in the internship job that you are applying for is important, so it would greatly help to figure out what you want to do when you graduate college (or at least narrow down your options) so you can find an internship in that field. For example, if you know that you want to work with cars, you will want to apply for an internship with an automobile company or a supplier to an automobile company. Your interest in cars will be discussed in the interview and you will want to communicate that interest and how you are taking (or plan to take) courses in college related to cars.

After you have established interest in an internship job, you'll want to create a resume that demonstrates how you meet (or exceed) the requirements that the employer is asking for in the internship job posting. You want a nice, clean, simple, one page resume. Only apply for jobs that you are either completely qualified for or mostly qualified for. If you are not at all qualified, don't apply. Your qualifications will be discussed in the interview.

Finally, show-up to the interview on-time and looking nice. Buy a suit package (suit, shirt, tie, pocket silk, and shoes) and wear it to the interview. It will communicate that you are serious about the job. At a bare minimum, wear a shirt, tie, and pants. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

I hope this helps!!


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Be confident in yourself. Be direct , ask questions show you are truly interested in what the company stands for. Be honest if you are asked a question and you have never done it before say i do not have direct experience doing that however I am a fast learner and it will not be a problem for me. Personality is very important your personality has to be able to work well as a team with others to get the job done. We all know that people have different work ethic its how you find the way to work with the others that will get the job done. Make sure you express any advancement opportunities within the company this will tell the employer that you are looking for the long hall not just a few months. Also this will be good knowledge for yourself so you can decide if it is truly the job for you or not.

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Find out all you can about the company ahead of the interview. Research their product lines, dollar volume, number of employees, market penetration. During the interview show genuine interest in what the company does & what they have accomplished. This will come easy if you have done a thorough research. Be prepared to discuss what you can do as it applies to them from what you have learned & your experience.

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Here's a few helpful articles to read!

I encourage you to be yourself and act authentic, but also act respectful, professional, and polite. Dress professionally, make sure to use eye contact, and to speak clearly, and sending a nice thank you note or email after the interview always helps. Good look!

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From my own experience, I have learned, be yourself, smile, be respectful. Listen completely and pay attention to the person speaking, eye contact is GOOD. (don't be anticipating your answer before the question is asked, don't look through papers while someone is still speaking)

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