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Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Aug 19, 2023 565 views

What job opportunities are present if I study environmental science? Anything that involves travel?

I am interested in environmental science but don’t know how to get started or what lies ahead, after potentially studying it in college.

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Aug 07, 2023 264 views

What is the best way to go about picking how to go through collage for a pediatric nurse?

So I’ve heard that you can go through Frazier and they will pay for schooling but then does that mean you get stuck in a contract working for them and are there specific requirements you must meet. Finally is there a certain time you’re supposed to start going down this path in high school and...

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Aug 08, 2023 300 views

What kind of patients will I be working with?

Are there certain patients to be wary about? Will I learn about all the different types of nursing codes?

Ryley’s Avatar
Ryley Aug 09, 2023 609 views

Anyone in healthcare ?

What do you do now? Would you recommend that job or if you could go back in time what would you become? Pay and schooling ratio… is it good?

Jamia’s Avatar
Jamia Aug 10, 2023 260 views

What are the steps to being an true travel nurse?

What are the best ways to finish medical school? what are some tips on how to study for nursing and going through real life problems with patients?

Adun’s Avatar
Adun Aug 17, 2023 320 views

how do people find jobs after collage?

i am a nursing major and i want to be a travel nurse i just don't know how to find a job

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Aug 17, 2023 264 views

How do you cope with grief ? What education do I need?

I would like to become a hospice nurse in the future!

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Oct 24, 2016 750 views

I am also thinking about becoming a medical examiner, would Biology work for that work as well?

This is another career path that I am thinking about #doctor #medical-examiner #biology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Oct 26, 2018 496 views

Do I need to have experience as a surgeon tech in order to work in an operating room as a Nurse?

I'm also wondering if you can choose which department of a hospital (orthopedics, E.R., cardiovascular) to work in the operating room.

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 19, 2021 622 views

What's the absolute worst part being a pediatric oncologist nurse? How do you deal with your emotions?

#nursing #pediatrics #emotions

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jan 21, 2022 519 views

Could an Occupational Therapist benefit from a Social and Human Services Assistant advanced training?

I'd like to gain a masters in Occupational Therapy and my institute is able to provide advanced training in Human Services Assistant. I'd also like to expand my knowledge and experience within the field while still having something correlated to my main career path. I'm curious to know if such...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Mar 13, 2022 485 views

Does anyone know of any nursing programs that aren’t impossible to get into? Anyone have any advice?

I got into nursing programs in high school. Couldn’t afford any of them, so I just went to community college. I decided to work towards an associates degree in film studies, but became an alcoholic and failed out. My grades are completely terrible. I’m now sober, and trying to turn my life...

laya’s Avatar
laya Mar 11, 2022 621 views

When trying to standout on front for medical school, what are some things in highschool i can do to further my chances of getting accepted?

what are some actvities or jobs i can partake in to challenge my readiness for medical school or college?

Mae Ling’s Avatar
Mae Ling Apr 28, 2020 2347 views

How should I ask to shadow a professional?

I'm looking to shadow an SLP, but I'm unsure about how to approach them. #speech-pathology #job-shadowing #career

Account’s Avatar
Account May 03, 2020 592 views

Has anyone taken anatomy and physiology in the summer with pharmacology?

#college #doctor #biology #medicine #internship