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I want to be either a psychiatrist nurse or cardiace nurse


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Account D. Apr 26, 2020 237 views

Will you give me some tips on how to improve my anatomy and physiology exams?

On my last question, college medicine I realized that I shouldn't give up on my dream of becoming a nurse. However, what strategies can I use to do a good performance in my exams? should I read my notes every 15 minutes per day? or maybe read them 40 minutes per day? or what kind of...

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Account D. Apr 26, 2020 444 views

Should I be a psychiatrist nurse or an interior designer?

Hello, My anatomy and physiology class is not doing great. I've been failing the exams which I study each day to pass the exam. However, I think i'm going to give up to be a nurse and maybe change careers. What do you think I should do? Help what nurse # nurse-practitioner...

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Account D. Apr 21, 2020 215 views

Does anyone know where can I learn latin?

Hello, my name is Leslie and I'm in my 3rd year in college. I would love to learn Latin for free. Latin college help free 2020...