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Abby V. Sep 06, 2019 50 views
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kiana K. Sep 06, 2019 36 views

what companies or industries do you think i should target?

I’m trying to major in business and finance and minor in accounting #smart...


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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 66 views

Do you have to be smart to be an engineer?

After looking this up online, I have gotten many mixed answers ranging from it being okay to not be at the top of your classes to the discouragement of it because of the difficulty. I admit I am not the smartest but I have an interest in the idea of engineering. I don't know to much about the...

#engineer #smart

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makala A. Oct 31, 2016 348 views

Is Becoming a Marine biologist worth the money time and effort?

I'm asking this question because I'm a senior and and next year is coming fast I want to become a marine biologist so bad but the calculus part is discouraging me in becoming one. #caring #smart...


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Emily E. Oct 20, 2016 2384 views