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What classes should i take in high school if i want to be a pharmacist?

Im still in high school but i need to know what classes to take. #education #career-choice #higher-education #pharmacy #pharmacists #high-school-classes #smart #highways

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4 answers

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Troy’s Answer

Good day,

What a vision wow! That is a very admirable goal and the answer above is incredible, the man has experience and true know how.

I'm more of a training specialist and teacher, but I couldn't agree more to what the above indidual said and something I would also consider that coursework in learning about regulations and laws.

The reason I say that is because it seems in that industry especially as time goes on more and more strict regulations are put in place.

My friend who is an ER Doctor explained some of it to me.

Go for it and don't look back if that's what your really feeling!


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Cecile’s Answer

Lots of math--up through calculus, chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy and physiology, speech, and psychology. You will be taking these same types of courses at a more advanced level in college. The more you take of these in high school, the less time you will have to take doing lower level science in college to get to the more advanced work. If you take the time to look at what pharmacy schools want you to have under your belt from the lower division college level, you will see what type of skills they want you to have. Typically, pharm schools accept more people who have a bachelor's degree in some type of science, such as chemistry, biochemistry or pharmacological chemistry. Those folks are more competitive.

Again, just google any of the pharmacy schools you have in mind. Look at their admissions requirements. Some will also want you to take an entrance exam that shows how much you know about the sciences and math and problem solving. So, understand that not only are strong grades necessary but the scientific skills you have acquired, along with the ability to understand and deal with the public.

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David’s Answer

Great question. Focus should be on sciences. Biology chemistry organic chemistry should be a part of your curriculum before making a commitment to pharmacy school.

Best of luck ,

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Linh T.’s Answer


Having a well rounded core curriculum is ideal. It can also depend on which schools you're interested in. Typically, strong foundations in math and science (calculus, chemistry) will help you when you apply to schools. Take a look at a school you're interested in and talk with their admissions counselor to see if some program requires prerequisites.