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Esther A. May 16, 2016 4377 views

Can you minor in nursing and major in psychology?

I have no interest in becoming a doctor or in the medical field really, but my family is pressuring me to do something in it so I have opted to do what I want but with a little of their influence hence the nursing. #college #psychology #nursing #healthcare #higher-education...


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Shirley W. May 18, 2016 704 views

Am I more likely to be successful if I attend college?

I ask this because I feel like whatever I major in, I'll have a hard time finding a job. #college #psychology...


g S.’s Avatar
g S. May 20, 2016 677 views

How do I improve my English?

I am very poor in english subject. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #teacher #college-major #higher-education...


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Ellise S. May 24, 2016 1150 views

What advice would you provide a para-professional that is looking to enter the field of Higher Education Student Affairs with an interest to become a university Provost?

I am looking into obtaining my Master's of Higher Education Student Affairs and currently serve as a College Advisor. My long term goals include becoming a motivational speaker for higher education and working with students who are in that transitional part of high school and college. I would...

#masters #higher-education #phd #provost #college #teacher #education

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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 601 views

How do you find a better way of studying ?

I think there is more than one way of learning, so in order to help produce better grades. Better study habits are necessary, I want better grades. #higher-education #japan #principal #elementary-education #middle-school...


Emily E.’s Avatar
Emily E. Oct 20, 2016 3294 views
Paul V.’s Avatar
Paul V. Dec 13, 2016 616 views

Can I transfer to an elite school with mediocre high school and SAT stats?

In high school, my GPA was around a 3.3 unweighted and my SAT was a 1570/2400. Is it possible for me to get accepted into a top notch school such as Cornell and Carnegie Mellon? I'm currently at a community college and my GPA is a 4.0; I've competed in two hackathons (Will attend more) and won...

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Luke F. Feb 22, 2017 561 views

so what is the best career to get money

so what is the best career to get money...