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Paul Dec 31, 2016 1580 views

How can I improve my algorithm thinking?

I struggle trying to create simple algorithms. For instance, I would spend almost an entire day trying to figure out how to print an inverse right triangle with asterisks in my computer programming class while my fellow peers would solve it in 30 mins. #computer-science #programming #java...

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Paul Dec 17, 2016 7539 views

Can someone proofread my college transfer essay?

Essay prompt: Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words) I have always challenged myself academically, I have taken advanced...

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Paul Dec 13, 2016 858 views

Do top companies care about what college you came from?

Do students who graduate from elite schools such as Ivy Leagues get higher priority than students who come from moderate schools when applying to top companies like Google and Microsoft? #human-resources

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Paul Dec 13, 2016 1046 views

Can I transfer to an elite school with mediocre high school and SAT stats?

In high school, my GPA was around a 3.3 unweighted and my SAT was a 1570/2400. Is it possible for me to get accepted into a top notch school such as Cornell and Carnegie Mellon? I'm currently at a community college and my GPA is a 4.0; I've competed in two hackathons (Will attend more) and won...

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Paul Dec 10, 2016 1244 views

How can I become a better writer?

I'm starting to apply for colleges now, but I'm currently incompetent with my writing skills. How can I improve? #writing

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Paul Dec 10, 2016 1009 views

What is the most demanding programming language in today's market?

I want to start learning programming, but I'm not sure which language I should begin with. #programming