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kamryn R. May 16, 2016 573 views

For an introverted individual, is it a good idea to request three roommates?

I am shy and find it easy to stay to myself, but I would like to make new friends at my university. Is rooming with three other people a good way to make, at least, a few good friends, or should I make friends through another alternative? #friends #college #higher-education #education #career...


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Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 411 views

What does it mean to be a liberal arts college?

I have always heard the term but have been confused on the meaning. #college #liberal-arts #higher-education...


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Briana P. Sep 07, 2016 635 views

What is the most important factor when looking into a buying a laptop for school?

My name is Briana, and I am currently a freshman in college. Throughout the summer, I had received a check for a local scholarship and am very thankful. With this money, I had planned to spend more than I currently had on textbooks. As I had spent most of y middle and high school career with a...

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Vera L. Oct 20, 2016 571 views

What advice do you have for someone who wants to find an educational summer job?

Which kind of job should I look for? What work experience should I list? What as a type of job that would be easy to get as a college student? #college-major #education #internships #career-choice #job-search #higher-education #college-jobs...


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Emily E. Oct 20, 2016 2584 views
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Michelle P. Mar 12, 2017 486 views

Do the different levels of degrees determine a person's chance at a job?

I'm wondering about the levels of degrees in any context. Numbers and certificates run this world. So in any example, could you explain the different degree levels and how they compare to each other? #career #higher-education...


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Bridget S. Apr 11, 2017 873 views

What are some Liberal Arts Colleges that would accept transfer credits/ courses from state school?

Very interest in transferring to a small, liberal arts college for individualized and though probing courses. Currently finishing my 2nd year of college a medium sized public state university. My current major is finance. Please comment if you would like more info the the courses that I have...

#corporate-finance #college-transfer #higher-education #university #finance #university-applications #liberal-arts

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Taya A. Aug 28, 2018 290 views

What are the chances of getting recruited and playing a collegiate sport?

I have been running track almost my whole life. I am somewhat good nationally and exceptional at my school district. I have done well in the past but this year I performed badly. #career-choice #higher-education...