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Michelle Mar 12, 2017 1021 views

Do the different levels of degrees determine a person's chance at a job?

I'm wondering about the levels of degrees in any context. Numbers and certificates run this world. So in any example, could you explain the different degree levels and how they compare to each other? #career #higher-education #degree

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Michelle Mar 12, 2017 1075 views

How long did it take you to find your career calling? How did you define the should and must of life?

I know someone who is stuck at the crossroad of should and must. He dropped out during 3rd year university, and he quit his insurance broker job. He is currently doing nothing, and I know he's looking for his calling. How long does this take? I know it doesn't come at a snap. I just want to see...

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Michelle Mar 12, 2017 1639 views

How long did it take until you got your first job during high school? Or did you at all? Is the moment to get a first job during high school or post secondary?

I'm a senior in high school and due to my poor availability times, I haven't been able to get a job since grade 10. I'm still as involved in extra curricular activities since then. I feel a little bit intimidated by the many part time workers in my school. I have yet to get a job and I feel...

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Michelle Mar 12, 2017 1090 views

Is the music education field in demand? Or are music teachers are on the low extreme?

I'm a highschool student wishing to go into music education as my 1st teachable. I want to know what my stakes are in the near future of education. #education #music

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Michelle Mar 12, 2017 816 views

It's not necessary a career question, but how important is financing when pursuing a career? What tips could you provide?

As a fortunate student, in the province I live in, Ontario, the government provides an OSAP program which is a Ontario Student Assistance Program. This program enables students to apply for bursaries, grants, and loans. When going into post-secondary, it's not just a small fee of one year in...

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Michelle Mar 09, 2017 787 views

How intensive is the study towards becoming a Social Worker or CYW in the education industry?

I was just curious as one of my options were to go into social work. I found social work to be an opportunity to help children in today's society, especially with the amount of mental health issues rising. I know that social work requires a lot of placement in order to gain experience. I...

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Michelle Mar 08, 2017 831 views

What subject teacheables of teachers are in the rise for hiring in the education system?

I am a senior in High School, I am looking into pursuing music education. If my plans do not go well at first, I will pursue a major in English. My guidance counsellor and other teachers have told me French is one of the easiest ways to get hired into a school board system - in Canada...

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Michelle Mar 08, 2017 789 views

Is an undergraduate Community Music Program, a good transition into music education?

Hi, I'm a senior in High School, looking to pursue music education. This certain program that I found, which I meet the credentials for, offers students the learning experience of music in community groups and increases leadership. This is the only program I can get into with my level of Piano...

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Michelle Mar 07, 2017 872 views

For any musicians, Wilfried Laurier’s undergrad, Community Music Program is a program which doesn’t require any RCM equivalent, but has an advanced rudiments theory test. As a person who only has knowledge of basic, how much of a disadvantage do I have?

I am a senior hoping to pursue in Laurier’s community music program. The audition is no worry for myself, but as an RCM level 4, soon to be 5 pianist, I only have basic theory knowledge. I am studying past basic and pursuing an All elementary theory book, but how difficult would this be for...

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Michelle Mar 07, 2017 838 views

If I were to major in English, what credentials would I need to teach English abroad? TESL?

I am a senior in highschool, thinking about going into education as my career. I would like to major in English, as well as music. I asked many teachers about teaching abroad, but is something like a TESL( Teaching english as a second language) certificate, necessary? Or is it something that is...