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How long did it take until you got your first job during high school? Or did you at all? Is the moment to get a first job during high school or post secondary?

I'm a senior in high school and due to my poor availability times, I haven't been able to get a job since grade 10. I'm still as involved in extra curricular activities since then. I feel a little bit intimidated by the many part time workers in my school. I have yet to get a job and I feel like I'm at a disadvantage with no job experience. I know I have all the qualifications to do so though. Given my circumstances, I know I can wait, but I feel behind. #job-search #employment

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4 answers

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Douglas’s Answer


In my opinion you are behind your peers. Extra curricular activities are nice, but unless you are really good at one of them, chances are that once you get out of HS, nobody will care. That first job, regardless of what it is, teaches a young person a lot about the working world and how to relate to co workers, the boss, customers and so many other things that you just do not get anyplace else. Part time work can also be fun, depending upon your likes and attitude and can possibly give you some idea of what you might like to do in college and the working world beyond collage.

Think about it, two people are applying for a job with identical backgrounds and educational credentials, one has no work experience and the other does - who are you going to pick if you were the hiring manager?

Good luck,

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Jessica’s Answer

Any experience is great experience! It is never too late to start, but I would look into getting a job sooner rather than later. Although the actual position might not be what you want for a career, it shows the development of much needed soft skills. Employers want to know you are able to do things, such as: clocking in and out on time, showing up for work, having a reliable work history, reporting to a supervisor, etc. The sooner you start your work history the better. Work Experience speaks wonders to any hiring manager and could just put you over the top when it comes to finding/starting your career!

When/if you go to college, look into various campus positions. These could be a great way to gain much needed experience.

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Simeon’s Answer

You don't have to be in a rush to land a job during high school. It's just a helpful add-on if you are able to get one. If you're looking for work, I would recommend looking into working at a summer camp. They employ people just like you every summer who are just needing workers for a few months. You can make a lot of new friends and memories as well as get certified for lifeguarding and ropes course work. You can use your lifeguard certifications outside of the summer too if you need to find extra part-time work.

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Steven’s Answer

I recommend to keep applying. Even if you do not land a job immediately, it is always great to have interview experience and ask at the end of the interview for feedback. This can help you with landing the next application. Server jobs in restaurants are great jobs to start with also. You gain lots of experience and the schedules are flexible. I also recommend trying an app called Tasker. You can choose your own rates, hours, and types of work that you are willing to do. This can help you earn money and learn how to manage time and clientelle. Many people have started with this to help build their own business.