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Marcos L. Mar 23, 2015 1091 views

What do mechanical engineers mainly do?

I'm a high school student and I'm considering mechanical engineering as a possible career and I want to know more information. #engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 563 views

What are two types of stocks?

I want to know the difference between the two, in order to make short and long term investments. #japan #sports-agent #stocks-investing...


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Gloria S. Oct 01, 2016 595 views

What are the requirements of becoming a robotics engineer?

I am very much interested in robotics as junior in high school right now. What should I look for in colleges if this is what I am interested in? I want to know what are the things I need to get done right now or over time to pursue this career. #college-selection #robotics...


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Gloria S. Oct 01, 2016 1167 views

What is the toughest thing to work on in mechanical engineering?

I was hoping for a description of some of the toughest situations that can arise from this career path. I want to know what I should prepare for and how to overcome...

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rozelle W. Nov 28, 2016 570 views


My name is Rozelle it ben my dream to become a stock broker or a lawyer. I want to become a stock broker, because i love new way of learning how make my money double, or help people show them its a better way to flip there money. #law...


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Savanna N. Nov 28, 2016 688 views

What would be a great career for someone interested in statistics (and preferably with technology)?

I am a senior in high school right now and I am unsure if I want to do computer science so I have been looking at statistics (since I took it last year and loved it and love math in general). I have heard about and researched about a career as a statistician but I don't know what other options...

#math #statisticians #statistics

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Mohammad A. Mar 07, 2017 850 views

What are some good tips for finding a job without experience?

I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and I will be graduating very soon. It has been hard for me to find a job by searching and applying for jobs online. I find that my application gets turned down often because I lack engineering work experience. Your tips on this matter will be...

#electrical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineering #job-search-strategies #job-search #human-resources #career #engineer

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Michelle P. Mar 12, 2017 502 views

It's not necessary a career question, but how important is financing when pursuing a career? What tips could you provide?

As a fortunate student, in the province I live in, Ontario, the government provides an OSAP program which is a Ontario Student Assistance Program. This program enables students to apply for bursaries, grants, and loans. When going into post-secondary, it's not just a small fee of one year in...


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Michelle P. Mar 12, 2017 853 views

How long did it take until you got your first job during high school? Or did you at all? Is the moment to get a first job during high school or post secondary?

I'm a senior in high school and due to my poor availability times, I haven't been able to get a job since grade 10. I'm still as involved in extra curricular activities since then. I feel a little bit intimidated by the many part time workers in my school. I have yet to get a job and I feel...

#job-search #employment

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Nishant G. Mar 14, 2017 553 views

How recent graduate should find job in civil engineering in Vancouver?

Hi, I did my undergrad in civil engineering from India and right now I am doing Applied Planning program in Vancouver and I am new here. There are lot of questions that are crossing my now like: 1. If I wanted to pursue my career as civil engineer, what are the job opportunities for recent...

#urban-planning #civil-engineering #zoning #land-development

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Selma S. Mar 18, 2017 714 views

Which all subjects are required to find a job in the field of marketing? And is there any job in the commerce field which does not require math?

I'm new to this website, but I hope I can expect an answer soon :) My question is: In future, i want a job that does not require math, and im studying in the commerce field so i cannot do anything based on science. I find math really hard and I think it would be better off without math in 11th....

#accounting #math #marketing-and-advertising #business #marketing #mathematics

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Alex E. Mar 24, 2017 2461 views

What are some good and bad impacts mechanical engineering have on society?

I am a middle schooler at gene pike middle school and is doing research for a project. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Emily H. Sep 01, 2017 486 views

What should I do after high school/ college?

I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I am interested in many things and I have had a couple ideas, but when I think about it, it is not something I want to do my whole life. I love math, anatomy/physiology, and art. Right now I am most interested in nursing, but I'm not 100% sure that...

#nursing #anatomy #math #art

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Ganapathi S. Oct 22, 2017 4791 views

What are advantages and disadvantages of aeronautical and mechanical engineering??

I am studying in 12th at present and very soon i need to decide which case of study should i take in engineering i am very much interested about aeronautics but all people are saying taking aeronautics at engineering gives you less opportunities there after so they were asking me to take...

#mechanics #aeronautical-engineering #aeronautics #mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #mechanical

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Abby C. Jan 03, 2018 658 views

I am in the 7th grade and I am juts beginning to explore my future career, if I want to be an engineer, what are steps I can take to get to to being a engineer, and how can I decide what kind of engineer I want to be?

At school, I am most interested in math, I enjoy S.T.E.A.M especially when we are learning how to build things. I don't know which college I should go to or what kind of engineer I should be. I like building things like bridges, mini rockets, and small machines. #career #careerchoice...

#engineering #engineeringcolleges #college-major