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where are the dealerships that need mechanical engineering work? im interested in this career.

Updated Lakeland, Florida

Im going to school in the summer for automotive and i want to get in a dealership and work on cars. #automotive #cars #mechanical-engineering #mechanics #engineering

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Spruce’s Answer


Hey Alexis,

I’m glad you asked about this because I sense the need to more clearly define terms. When talking about college and careers, the term mechanical engineer refers to a graduate of a four-year university with a Bachelor’s degree. A mechanical engineer would be hired to design individual parts or groups of parts for new or upgraded vehicles. This job would not be at vehicle dealerships but at major factories or perhaps at separate design centers. Also, all the major parts manufacturers have the same basic set up.

If you’re thinking about an automotive mechanic, I don’t know if a two-year college degree is required or if there are trade schools you could attend and earn a one or two-year auto mechanics certificate. I don’t know much about this career, so please ask others in the field at private shops or dealerships.

Good luck.