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Quality Process Engineer at RAE/Honeywell Systens
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Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Jul 17, 2020 599 views

Who should I intern under as a future Physics/Acoustic Engineering major?

I am thinking about pursuing internships to gain some experience in the STEM fields. Does anyone know any people who I can intern with during the summers? #internships #stem #engineering #physics #JULY20

Loc’s Avatar
Loc Jun 12, 2019 544 views

What type of colleges are best for engineering majors?


Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 31, 2019 401 views

what skills should i have coming into mechanical engineering?


Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 26, 2019 1357 views

Do you really need to take high school classes in preparation to college?

Do you need to take relevant high school classes to your major in college, or will college teach you everything you need to know?
#college #student #college-major #high-school #time-management #college-bound #major #engineering #physics #chemistry #biology #calculus #science #technology #math

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron May 01, 2019 560 views

What are the most challenging parts of being an automotives engineer?

#engineering #auto

Asiel’s Avatar
Asiel Mar 18, 2019 529 views

What kind of job can I get if I have a mechanical engineering degree

#mechanical-engineering #engineering

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Apr 06, 2018 1010 views

How long do you have to go to school to become a diesel mechanic?

Do I have to go to college?
#mechanic #engineering

Maicol’s Avatar
Maicol May 30, 2017 2508 views

I want to be an engineer in the future, what career should I follow and what colleges are the best for this carrer?

I want to be an engineer in the future and i want to know more about this career because this is the career that I am trying to study and I want to be a professional at this. #engineer #career-details #college #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Oct 31, 2016 2190 views

What are the key success factors to becoming a good mechanical engineer?

I want to become a mechanical engineer and would like to know what characteristics are necessary for success in that field. #mechanical-engineering

Carla’s Avatar
Carla Oct 29, 2016 839 views

What do mechanical engineers do?

I am asking because I am interested in persuing that career. #engineering #mechanical-engineering

Peter’s Avatar
Peter Oct 27, 2016 1398 views

What form of project do Mechanical Engineers get into and what other types of engineers do they work with?

I am asking this because I have friends who are pursue engineering major in college different from mine (mechanical engineering) so its good to know who I can communicate with when I need help on projects in the future. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

Darryl’s Avatar
Darryl Oct 22, 2016 1081 views

Would I be better off going to an out-of-state college with a great engineering program, or an in-state college with a good engineering program?

A few colleges I would love going to are Texas A&M, the University of Texas @ Austin, the University of Houston, or Georgia Tech on account of their phenomenal CompSci programs. However, the state I currently reside in is Mississippi. Though, they do have a good Computer Science & Engineering...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 01, 2016 1270 views

What is the most important thing that someone planning to enter mechanical engineering should know?

As a person interested in mechanical engineering, I was just wondering what is an important thing or things to know about this career path. I am already passionate about it so that is without a doubt something that will not change, so I just wanted to know some reassurance things just in case....

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Oct 20, 2016 20582 views

Electrical engineering vs mechanical engineering??

I have done all kinds of research to try to figure out which one I should go into, but I still have no idea. They say mechanical engineering is nice if you like taking things apart and building things;whereas, electrical engineering is more for those who like a challenge. I fall into both...

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Oct 20, 2016 2029 views

What exactly does a Civil Engineer do?

I'm considering a career in civil engineering, but I have no light on exactly what they do in a building project. #engineering #civil-engineering