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Jackson, Mississippi
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Darryl Oct 22, 2016 1088 views

Would I be better off going to an out-of-state college with a great engineering program, or an in-state college with a good engineering program?

A few colleges I would love going to are Texas A&M, the University of Texas @ Austin, the University of Houston, or Georgia Tech on account of their phenomenal CompSci programs. However, the state I currently reside in is Mississippi. Though, they do have a good Computer Science & Engineering...

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Darryl Oct 22, 2016 1558 views

In the Computer Science/Programming field, are credentials more important than student projects?

I plan to get a Master's degree in Computer Science, Programming, Software Engineering, or a related field. However, a lot of people I've talked to in the Computer Science field have told me that a MS degree in this field is unnecessary, and potential employers will judge you more based on any...