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Who should I intern under as a future Physics/Acoustic Engineering major?

I am thinking about pursuing internships to gain some experience in the STEM fields. Does anyone know any people who I can intern with during the summers? #internships #stem #engineering #physics #july20

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4 answers

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Fadwa’s Answer

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) offers internships in STEM fields, specifically physics. I learned about it through my University's Physics dept. They are hosting a virtual recruitment fair On Wednesday, July 29, from 12 to 3 p.m. ET. You can google it and I believe you have to register to attend. Let me know if you need more help. I can forward you the email. Also, are you a college or high school student? There are opportunities for both. Reach out to mentors, specifically your physics professors, they know of a lot of opportunities, also look through linkdin for professionals that are already in your desired field and ask questions about how to get involved in the field more. Read research papers and sometimes physics and engineering publications will have internship and research opportunities listed. Best of luck.

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Jacklyn’s Answer

NASA has a great internship program and some interesting acoustics projects. They work a lot with reducing the noise of engines, wings, blades, and sonic booms. This reduces noise pollution and increases fuel efficiency.

I visited the Langley location and took a tour of their acoustic facilities. They have a room dedicated to simulating what a sonic boom is like if you are inside a house. The had another one that simulates aircraft taking off. They are working with companies like Uber to create quiet urban mobility vehicles.

I think much of the research is done at Glenn and Langley. There are other NASA centers closer to you. You could see if there is any acoustic research happening there too.

NASA internships:


NASA Langley

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Donna’s Answer

I just put in a Google Search for Physics Acoustical Engineer Internship and got back two results:
Shure Inc. Niles, IL posted an internship 7 days ago on Ziprecruiter
Formlabs Somerville, MA posted an internship 12 days ago on Glassdoor
Indeed.com states they have 15 acoustical engineer internships -- so maybe not your arena
Aria Seattle, WA has an intern program for Physics Engineering with expertise in acoustics

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Gordon’s Answer

NASA, but over at Moffett Field in Mountain View, or any other Bay Area NASA location